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  1. Do you have the crash tender body for it . T CORBIN
  2. Chase No late 1941 .Their wasn't much paint left after sitting in a field 20 years . but we did find some brown under some parts .At the time i was going to paint it red. .I also had a lot help from some ex RAF fire crew .After looking at RAF Mt orders for 1942 that it was finished in T CORBIN
  3. Back in 1980 .When I brought the WOT CRASH TENDER & then started the restoration I found the rebuild plate. It was rebuilt 1952 BERLIN & painted RED witch it still carried until I purchased it T CORBIN
  4. When I had finished restoring the FORDSON WOT 1 CRASH TENDER in 2000. I was invited to attend the RAF . MT section at STAFFORD for their reunion of ex fire crew . The RAF collected the WOT 1 . And I was given VIP tickets to attend . Talking to some ex fire crew they stayed with their crash tenders .even when the base was used by the USAAF Not shore about the AUSTIN K2 T CORBIN
  5. The WOT 3 has a FORD data plate / ALLEN TAYLOR / BRIGGES BODY plates on it. So I know its manufacture ,I.would like to know wot location it was converted . FORD ===DAGENHAM ALLEN TAYLOR ++++ WANSWORTH BRIGES MOTOR====== DAGENHAM T CORBIN Any information would help trying to find out where it was converted
  6. The green & brown where the colours that I found under the layers of paint that where removed very carefully . The paint was copped as close as possible . None of paint came close to any BS standard The truck was built late 1939 DAGENHAM in RAF blue . Where or witch Co it went to I would like to know .Did it go to ALLEN TAYLOR for conversion or was it done at the FORD factory ??? . After BRIGGS made the body .No blue paint on body . Wood primer - green & brown T CORBIN
  7. I think as you say. They painted them as the aircraft T CORBIN
  8. HI larry H57 Built late 1939 . First painted in R A F Blue . Then I think it went to Allen Taylor for conversion to Tractor an then in the camouflage it as now painted in . ?? Pattern & pant where found on removing all the other coats very carefully . Looks like the coped the aircraft camouflage of the same time .
  9. Try HENDERSONS Bearing RINGWOD 01425477787. I have used them on my restorations over the last 40 years FOR{ AIBION FORDSON DODGE INTERNATIONAL AUSTIN FORD GTB ) & a special 4 link wide chain for the WOT 1 crash tender . Always found the right one I wanted. T CORBIN
  10. I was hopping to take the ALBION CX 22 from DUXFORD .But cannot find out if the MVT is arraigning anything .I think the IMPS closing date is the 1 APRIL . The ALBION went 0n the 35 aneverisity & to give it birthday trip on the 75 trip .As both drivers at as old as the truck .It will be the last trip before handing it over to the IWM . T CORBIN
  11. We have just started on our next restoration .It will be our biggest challenge so far .It will be added to our collection of USN trucks. That we have restored over the last 10 years. (GTB CARGO --- GTB BOMB SERVICE---M5 BOMB TRAILER ---INTERNATIONAL M-3-4 CRASH TENDER--FORD GPW----INTERNATIONAL m-2-4 ----JEEP GENERATOR & AIRCRAFT MAINTANANCE LIGHTS==)The truck was imported some years back . We brought the light body . The truck had a GS body installed & attended some shows . We then where offered the truck back without the cargo back. We have collected most parts for the restoration . We have spoken to our friends across the pond they think it might be the only one to survive . ??? T CORBIN
  12. I don't think where built by AT ? . And they did not all travel with trailers
  13. After restoring the WOT 3 TRACTOR converted by ALLEN TAILOR .Does anybody have any information on other MT that where converted for some other use than they original where made for WOT 3 TRACTOR 7 V TRACTOR AUSTIN K 4 BEDFORD OX Their are pictures of all above towing aircraft . The wot 3 has a low range extra gearbox &vac fittings for trailer breaks .I cannot find any information on ALLEN TAILOR any where. Their might be someone out their that might know about then ????.T CORBIN
  14. Hi Larry The black widow would be ok
  15. Allerton road in LIVERPOOL . BEDFORD TRUCTOR or OX ??? T CORBIN
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