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sheet metal nibbler??



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I've got a purpose made nibbler, not a drill adaption, but can't remember the make. It might be Bosch. Works well, but I often found that in its excitement to eat steel, it used to pull itself through the metal and often got away on corners or where you wanted to stop.


Will have a look for it tomorrow.



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well I bought one of the Turner drill mounted nibblers from Machine mart, and...


Top Banana :banana: :banana: :banana: :dancinggirls: :banana: :banana:


I wanted to cut box profile cladding sheet, and couldn't justify over £200 for a proper electric nibbler like roofer/cladders use.

This little thing whistles through clad sheet :schocked:


Well impressed well done Machine Mart :-D


HF :angel:

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I have got one and have used it quite a bit but is limited to 1.5mm ish and the pins do go blunt, also bit slow.

If you want to cut up to about 4mm thick get the Machine Mart Plasma King plasma cutter I have the 25 and wish I bought it years ago. You need a min of 30Amp supply for it and a fairly hefty compressor 14cfm min but if you have all that and can afford one you will use it all the time, I do, you can cut mild steel, stainless and ally. The best thing about it is it will punch through in the middle of a sheet and then you can cut what ever shape you want. :-o


In my opinion its the best thing since a mig welder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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