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  1. Hi Josh. I'm in the process of restoring a 10CWT mortar trailer. From what I can find, these trailers were not generally fitted with lights in the factory, most were retrofitted or fitted post war I do intend to fit lights to my trailer, but these will be period so a single convoy light and single tail light so I am putting a light board together, using retro light fittings but modern bulbs, that I can remove and put in the trailer once at shows, at least that way, I should be road legal and safe on the way to and from shows
  2. This is a bit of a trip down memory lane! I worked on IARRCIS and later ATTACS in the system support groups for both so was involved early on in the development of these things..! We had the main grey terminal boxes (can't remember their name), the smaller green "laptops" that were called Liaisons as they were allegedly portable! as well as Cisco routers, hubs, printers all in tempest protection so weighed a tonne to lug around! I think someone was asking about the big brass connector, if they meant this one, its the ruggedised fibre connection that had a big brass, rip your skin off connector! These were adapted to point vertically as they were shoved back against a wall or something and would snap the fibres which IIRC were a good few thousand each! There is a later version up for auction I see... https://bid.mod-sales.com/auctions/7759/witham10115/lot-details/5991bfab-c084-4cee-9cfa-acea00f58edd
  3. What a great thread on a not so common vehicle..! Great work!
  4. Dallas Auto do one https://www.dallasautoparts.com/product/radio-junction-box-kit-mb-gpw/
  5. I was thinking more along the lines of if you main cross member was usable, you may only need the rest..? Or you could get a local fabricator to knock out a bit of had channel for that piece? I had to do that for the cross member that goes under the rear of the tub
  6. The main cross section in my photo is the JMP piece in the picture and at the time I restored my jeep they only did the ACM2 replacement channels you have pictured and as I have a ACM1 tub, that was the only piece I used... So, I have the rest spare if you want to PM me an offer?
  7. I added some stock steel in place of the original oak, loads of primer and then dynax wax I use this stuff on the Jeep and my wifes VW Camper
  8. I found the same, do the wiring when the tub is off. I also built a jig on wheels to make it easier to move move around to get access
  9. Thanks for the tip Simon. My daughter makes resin jewelry, I was thinking that she may be able to put a thin clear layer over the top, but I may just try this first...
  10. Carriage bolts arrived and are installed, small detail but would have bugged me..! Springs and axle re-assembled And back on wheels again.. I have a set of 1/2" bolts ready to go round to one of the local fabricator/machine shops but these will do for now.. On a side note, I managed to win a ropey old T plate on ebay - not cheap..! Some very careful use of paint stripper, sanding, masking and painting has come up OK. I just need to polish out the reflectors some how..
  11. From what I remember there are a couple of options for spot weld drill bits, these were my preference as you only grind out one of the metal skin of a spot weld you are drilling from, so makes it easier when rejoining new metal, its basically a flat headed drill bit.. The other type that I think you describe above, either cuts out both skins so leaves a hole that will need filling or a bump that needs cleaning up before joining new metal. I also found them much more tricky to use due to needing to keep it square as Chris says above Just my experience...
  12. I think this is one of the filters..? not cheap..! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/WW2-Bedford-Chevy-Water-Bowser-Trailer-Meta-Stellar-Water-Filter/324342143841?hash=item4b844c5b61:g:mMsAAOSwOTZfSDKC
  13. Hi Richard, they should be 1/2” all the way through. All I’ve found online are 9/16” with a 1/2” thread so just to big Saying that, those have found look to be correct.. We have a couple of good vintage car/restoration places near by, I’ll try them before I buy the ones from the US.. Thanks for the pointer..
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