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  1. You can can probably get the locks a lot cheaper directly from Germany: https://www.otlinghaus-iserlohn.de/95/starre-verschluesse-genormt. Or get some orignal ground dug ones: https://www.ebay.de/itm/Lot-Riegel-Kasten-Torn-Nachrichten-Einheits-PKW-Lkw-WW2/224103594172?hash=item342d9d78bc:g:hWAAAOSwJWtfJyFW
  2. For your info, the morse key holder is actually a two part affair so that the width of the holder can be adjusted. It also has a notch on the far end and a spring loaded latch to keep the morse key in place. regards and keep up the good work, Funksammler FunksammlerMilitaria.com
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