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  1. Another trip out with the Leyland, this time to the Malpas Yesteryear Rally in Cheshire. Certainly a hot one ! Cheers Chris
  2. Was spotted on the way to and from Kelsall, photo credit to Rob Davies. Cheers Chris.
  3. Trip out with the Leyland to The Kelsall Steam Rally at the weekend, was a hot day on Saturday, shade was found underneath 😅
  4. Martian update ! One of the jobs I have been putting off was getting the seats sorted out. Overall the cab interior is quite good, it was let down by the ripped seat covers and also the chunks of hard sponge that kept disintegrating. Have had them recovered using all the original plywood backs and bases as these were in very good order. Also Coronation Day road run to try out the seats. Cheers Chris.
  5. Hello all, would anyone be able to tell me if the following is a military contract number and if so how would I find out more information about it ? It is stamped on a very large trolley jack we have, CON 6 / ST / 20434 / CB 21 B REF 40 1349 Thanks in advance Chris
  6. I have found some stampings today whilst cleaning more of the jack, could this be a army contract number ? The first part is CON 6 / ST / 20434 / CB 21 B second part is REF 40 1349 Hope someone can shed some light on it ? I had a response from CAM equipment too, it’s not one of theirs. Cheers Chris
  7. @ruxythanks I have emailed them some pics over to see if they can help cheers Chris
  8. Yes @Citroman that’s the one, I have both the stub axles and road wheels, I’m just really curious as to it’s make and year approximately Thanks Chris.
  9. Hello all, I hope I’ve put this in the right section. I have a large trolley jack that I’m going to start tidying up. Never seen another like it.Would anyone recognise or know the manufacturer ?It’s 9 ft long, 2 ft 6 inch wide and even has its own transport wheels and screw jack to lift each side to fit them as it’s so heavy.Also has slots machined in the frame where you can fit a safety bar so it won’t drop.The only legible writing is 8 ton and a serial number.Have also emailed the Classic British Jack website for help.Maybe ex British Army as lots of green paint underneath. Thanks Chris.
  10. A few more, one day will get it lined up with @Samro too !
  11. A few more pictures from the Holt Winching Weekend in August and from the Malpas Yesteryear Rally this weekend gone to give a bit of an update. Still doing a few little jobs here and there ! Chris.
  12. Another outing for the Leyland, helping a friend get a large vertical borer out of the shed for lifting.
  13. A while since an update on my Martian, still doing a few small jobs to keep on top of things, engine had a service too. Series 2 Landrover wiper blades fit a treat. Last weekend was a trip out to The Kelsall Steam Rally in Cheshire. Fuel stop and about a 20 Mile trip each way. A good day out to be honest and a lot of interest shown. Chris.
  14. Found the first of the two elusive gas bottles, one down one to go !
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