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  1. Sounds a big different than a B81. No sheets of flame @Samro IMG_5736.MOV IMG_5736.MOV
  2. Hello to all, this is a project I have had in mind for a while albeit with a Rolls Royce B81. I have a engine lined up for this project, I will be following this closely ! cheers Chris
  3. @attleejHello John, my Martian was 22120 kg on the weighbridge earlier this year with a front axle weight of 6020kg. Cheers Chris
  4. From the summer 😊 Heavy old girl on the weighbridge too !
  5. Managed to fit the original bonnet back on and re mount the other fire extinguisher. Still lots to do πŸ™‚
  6. I should of added that the first 2 pics are the original rims and the third is the Coles rim with greater offset, I think its a little over an inch now. They came from a Coles MK5 bridging crane rear bogie, built on I think matador running gear. If you need ant more pics or measurements let me know. Bedford Tm wheels don't have enough offset.
  7. Hello Steve, yes I'm running 1600/20 tyres. They do fit on the Martian rims fine however when mounted to the rear they leave very little clearance between the tyre sidewall and the walking beam casing, IIRC about 3/16 of an inch ! This was not enough for me as a stone or other debris could wipe out a sidewall if it got lodged somewhere unhelpful. I looked at all manner of wheels of varying offsets and found that the rear bogie wheels from a Coles bridging crane are ideal. They are the correct "style" and when mounted with a 1600/20 tyre give the correct clearance between the sidewall and
  8. Wanted rpm generator for a Rover Meteor MK4B please. Thanks Chris
  9. Last of the steering joints on now, just the tracking to do πŸ‘
  10. Yes, John several are bent and several are cracked. Not very good at all. Im glad I decided to strip and clean them properly rather than just nip them up and fill full of grease ! Cheers Chris
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