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  1. I don't post much on the forum anymore, personal reasons etc. I'm not sure on re-enacting, does death need to be rerun ? to teach a new generation of the horror of war? I think the losses recently for the sake of a grey men will inform their generation. I've watched living history and reenacts , and to a certain extent i feel uncomfortable, almost embarassed, at some of the overweight Walter Mitte's trying to carry out fire and manouvere :confused: I've seen some very very sad people living in parallel universe's and unfortunately this was War and Peace, but likewise I've met some stars.
  2. I don't post much anymore, but this whole sorry saga really extracts it. Brown is just a socialist and a derrier licker nuff said. What always gets me with these bun fights is the Vets are stood rain or shine for the 'dignateries' to arrive who then plonk their fat overfed asses on some plush bit of velvet while men twice their age stand in rank, as they always have done taking the crap from these muppets. About time these grey little politicio's waited, bowed and perhaps handed the drinks to the real Dignateries who gave life, limb, sanity, and freedom for these grey men to play politics
  3. have pmd jack and he is happy to act as a gobetween but you need to get it to him tommorow as he will be leaving early friday morning then money will be sent back for you

    if out of the two one is tall and about 38 chest then can i have that one please


  4. Liberator or mitchell crash site late 1944 or early 45 Huntick near Lytchett Matravers. BF110 1940 near seven stars pub Winfrith nr Wool Ju88 1940 area of Morden bog! near Bere regis that list is about 1/2 the list!! HF
  5. Hello the Triumph looks like an early speedtwin iron barrel etc pre 1953 i think sure i'll be shot down, and looks like a sprung hub Regards HF
  6. Hi Sue and Jerry,

    Havn,t heard from or seen you both for a while / Hope you are both well.

    Kindest regards.


  7. Uncle, BEF then volunteered for 1st Airbourne intake fought all thru Italy etc and then Normandy and Germany, had an appendix the night before his lift to Arnhem... always thought himself a lucky bugger!! Uncle, Tank crew in France, hit badly and ended up in a early plastic surgery for months after. Father to young, but South African rifles just after the war, and some contract work:cool2: Grandfather worked at Vickers and De Havillands involved with Barnes Wallis, very skilled engineer, but never talked much, also was a fire warden. Father in law , Navy worked on ship repair at Alexandr
  8. Allo, Sylvain, So nice to have you, on board, my french could do with some practice too. What trucks and van's are you interested in ?? Please tell us some more Regards HF:-D:-D:yay:
  9. Ouch !! That's a lot of wonga for a 70's bike nice condition, but it's brand new really:cool2: Thank's for the help, Superalce would be nice.. Ta HF:yay::yay:
  10. Anyone got amilitary Guzzi good bad or ugly for sale, or a lead Ta HF:yay:
  11. What happened to him vanished without a trace, into cyberspace ?????? Who did he upset?? HF:???
  12. The Neanderthal retards were in attendance, cracking one of my indicator lenses and nicking the Quad's radiator cap....... HF
  13. Hi,

    Sue sorry to hear yout not feeling to well, get better soon.




    PS Jerry says its very quiet at home !

  14. Rumour has it someones in for a battering :sweat::cool2:
  15. Tankfest 2008* The most explosive weekend in Dorset! Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th June. Bit of a conflict here as this date clashes with Kemble & Royal Signals at Blandford................... what is a person supposed to do :confused: here we are, 5 min drive from Bovi, armour plated, and best of all...... BRITISH ................
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