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  1. Sorry to say this show for 2020 is now CANCELLED. See www.overlordshow.co.uk for more information. Stay tuned for 2021
  2. I am not after body panels just bits say about a foot square flat and easily posted, the only problem they need to be Land Rover ally ie Birmabright because this is what I will be welding hopefully.
  3. Hi all I have gone and got myself a TIG welder and want to practice on Land Rover ally, for an up coming project so is there anyone out there with damaged bits of flat panels, just need a stack of small bit to practice butt welds and laps etc. which you could post to me. will pay for postage etc. Thanks
  4. Got a bit from Metal Supermarket just right for the job. Only problem the postage was as much as the tube, but I have got the bit I need though. Very quick too.
  5. tested it tonight again and all fine starts on the button and even better runs our portable air con unit so that's coming with us when we go camping in the next few weeks....mmmm nice cold tent...
  6. Think I have some on its way. Thanks
  7. More of an update fuel pump issues, diaphragm is ok one of the valves in the pump stuck open due to the rubber seal disc has swollen a bit and jamming on cage which retains the spring, trimmed the disc down a bit reassembled and all good.
  8. Hi all I am after about a foot of 1 inch o/d, 1/8 wall thickness cold drawn seamless steel tube, anybody got a bit or know where I can get an offcut.
  9. Thanks guys for the input. I think I have sorted out the bad starting, discovered that of the 4 brushes on the starter side one of the brush connections to the case of the generator was very loose looks like its been like it for years, probably why I have always had problems starting it. So having cleaned and copper slipped it and tightened up good and tight, it seems to start fine but I can't get the fuel pump to prime so engine keeps petering out, then won't start till you tip a bit of fuel down the carb then it runs for a few seconds. Suspect I will need a fuel pump diaphragm, will look tomorrow.
  10. ok it seems to be marked "12volts Bat" but on a good truck battery it refuses to turn over in one continuous motion and the rotation is very slow !!! Any suggestions on how and what to test if a winding is down, or any other thoughts ?
  11. Hi all, I have a 3.5 Kw military CCK Onan generator and have heard it might be 24v for starting, as it has never been good on only 12 v you have to pulse the start button to rock the engine past compression the it will turn over and start. Suggestions please ?
  12. Howard, do you have any pics of the structure / framework of these sorts of bodies between the inner and outer skins ? Also does anyone know what these bodies weigh ? Cheers
  13. Hi, I have never had this problem with my GMC, but I think there has been past conversations about this issue. From what I can remember you need to make sure there is enough free play on the adjusting rod to the master cylinder, if not the piston in it can cover the fluid return hole back to the reservoir in the master cylinder. This then applies pressure in the hydrovac and when engine started it thinks you are pressing the pedal and so as vacuum rises jams brakes on.
  14. Ah ok, so does anyone have any pics of the construction of how they are put together mainly the construction of the side walls ?
  15. Hi all, got some questions to do with GMC workshop bodies, I have noticed there seems to be two types. One has six windows on each side, the two rear doors are different sizes and has a straight edge to the bottom sides from front to back above the twin rear wheels. The other only has three windows each side, the two rear doors are the same size, a more curved roof, a recess for the twin rear wheels. What is the intended use of both and as they are both the same size why two different body types ?
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