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Number plates


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I have also been trying to find some military style plates.

unfortunately within the last couple of months all the rules have changed. So if you have managed to get some very recently please let us know the supplier?

I have bought in the past, only probably six months ago with no problems, but alas that is no longer possible. It appears show plates are no longer available.


update - Chestnut Registrations still do the military ones.

I havejust ordered them. Thanks for that info.

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2 hours ago, johnwardle said:

You quite often see a trailer selling number plates at larger steam fairs and classic car shows, they make them while you wait and are usually reasonably priced. I have even had military trailer number plates made with 3 rows of 2 digits.

You need the logbook and a photo driving license/passport to buy from these, not so sure with regards show plates

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2 hours ago, LarryH57 said:

Out of interest for a British vehicle such as a Land Rover or Bedford truck, were all the military plates fitted made of steel or aluminum and did they all have 'silver edging' to the plate?

At the REME Workshops where I worked they made their own plates same as most vehicles use, perspex type with numbers and letters applied from the rear.. So if you used this type on an army vehicle of 70's to 90's era it would not be wrong. There would have been literally 100's made over the years there.

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