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  1. On eBay under military vehicles there is a pile of Leyland hippo parts for sale .
  2. is the cgt a chev or ford? i sold an 11 cab years ago and it dissapered off of the face of the earth , I would love to know where she is now
  3. jason1968


    I wonder if sombody has a picture of the russian (i think) post war jeep that was full of speakers in the back and used for maybe crowd control? I saw one at stoneleigh years ago and cannot remember what it was used for etc . Tia
  4. There are some hoops still on it It is near monkton farleigh mine
  5. I remember seeing this truck on the show circuit many years ago a chap called Chris perry owned it if I remember rightly
  6. Is anybody breaking an activ fisher snowtrac with VW industrial engine ? I am looking for the screened distributor and coil off of one ! Any help appreciated
  7. Is anyone looking for a Leyland hippo rear body with canvas hoops ?? I know of one that needs the wood replacing but would probably be free to collector it is located near bath . Please pm me for more details . The truck used to be mine long story!
  8. Thankyou everyone for your help got a pair ordered now .
  9. Could anyone point me in the right direction to get some pressed aluminium military number plates please?
  10. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/336411623609756/ may be of interest to ww1 truck restorers
  11. Ferguson T20 wheels are six stud as I am looking for a pair!!
  12. Hi I have just seen these on facebook !!
  13. Wanted has anyone got any puch haflinger parts for sale in the UK I am restoring a very badly modified wreck and am after lots of parts pm me with what you have please.
  14. When I used to have military vehicles in the late 80s early 90s I was offer a pile of flat Nuffield engines new in crates but didn't ever take the chap up on it I wonder what happened to them. It was a dealer near Bristol had them if I remember rightly he had 20 or so I will try and remember who it was he bought them at a military auction somewhere. I went to see them and they were painted military engine green/blue £250 as I said in boxes on frames
  15. Awesome truck but buy a mk2b with single back wheels not the one with twins or had singles put on it as they are sloooooow you can make it a little quicker by turning the transfer box round and putting 12.00 /20 tyres on it that makes for an exciting drive ! Roll a cigarette between gear changes and keep her well greased they get easier to drive with use! With mine if it sat for a month or two everything used to stiffen up but got better after around 20 miles! The old 600 Leyland engine is pretty indestructible keep the oil changed and check for oil leaks. Also I do not know if any other hippos do it but both the ones I had used to jam up in the gearbox between gears and had to be towed backwards to get it out of gear. I did hundreds of miles in the ones I had and it's lovely being up high and watching the world trundle by. Also check the charging system is working as they have a mighty funny system to get juice into the batteries it's something like 24 volt lighting 12 volt charging and 6 volt starting (odd anyway). It's also worth taking the wheel nuts off and oiling the threads and keep a decent breaker bar on board I had a puncture and had to use OXY acetylene to get the nuts undone! Hope this is of help as I said they are a fabulous truck oodles of room in the back and fun to drive.
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