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  1. Lined my three up for a quick VE day photo yesterday
  2. Brightwells have 4 tracked vehicles in next weeks auction, all non runners / spares. 2 Scimitar Spartan Sultan No connection myself, just pointing them out https://www.brightwellslive.com/timedauctions/index/4971?take=24&skip=24
  3. V8bob

    Kit Kat

    If it is the look that you need, just put 2 of the 2 finger foil wrapped ones in your wrapper.
  4. I looked at one of these trailers a while ago and couldn’t see a chassis plate on it either. Not sure if they had them, you would think it would some where? The trailer I saw had the army reg stencilled on the side of the tow A frame. Depending on when/how it was painted you might be able to see signs of it?
  5. Well, that could be caused by numerous different things if it has been stood for ten years. But if it has been stood in a heated garage or outside on the beach would make the biggest difference. Assuming outside, a best bet would be electrics or sticking valves. you could pull off one plug lead at a time with engine running to see if one of them doesn’t make it run worse. If You find removing a particular plug lead makes no difference, that will be the one to start checking out.
  6. Hi, Where do you need the trailer recovering from?
  7. I have a spare but it is probably much too big. It is about 2 5/8” bore and over 10” diameter. I think my spare is off a Ford
  8. Hi, I have had a few 50s american cars and these are pretty common on that era vehicle. I think that those ones being marked as ac probably went on anything that had a carb of the right size. when I needed a replacement, ebay.com(usa) had plenty listed and they were often listed by the sizes - often not vehicle specific. I know that doesn’t really help you, but it is a pretty common universal part. cheers, Bob
  9. I have also been trying to find some military style plates. unfortunately within the last couple of months all the rules have changed. So if you have managed to get some very recently please let us know the supplier? I have bought in the past, only probably six months ago with no problems, but alas that is no longer possible. It appears show plates are no longer available. update - Chestnut Registrations still do the military ones. I havejust ordered them. Thanks for that info.
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