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  1. It has been illegal to use white on black number plates on vehicles registered after 1973! I have attached the latest number plate information from the DVSA, page 10 has the relevant information. vehicle-registration-numbers-and-number-plates-inf104.pdf
  2. All the running gear, engine, transmission and road wheels are interchangeable between AS90 and Warrior along with many smaller parts.
  3. They have been completely stripping AS90s which are based on Warrior at work for the past year to use as spares for Warrior as there has been a shortage of spare parts. We still have another 4 AS90s still to strip, will they get stripped or sold off? Husky is already being sold off and the Cougar variants, Mastiff Ridgback and Wolfhound are going out of service, the big question is when will they go?
  4. It is commonly known as an inspection light which plugs in to the Red and black sockets on the instrument panel. For example Land Rovers and most armoured vehicles. Put it on eBay, you will be surprised what they will make, I sold a NOS one for over £90!!!
  5. I had a chat with the armourer at work today, apparently the UGM or Universal Gun Mount as fitted to Mastiffs and Huskies will take either GPMG or 50 cal. The only problem is that they are in current use so finding one for sale could be difficult.
  6. Some photos of 'For BFs' a pocket sized booklet published in 1942 by Vauxhall motors aimed at Bedford drivers. Explaining why the outer wheel nuts are painted red.
  7. I think that there could be a loophole in the 10 year steer tyre regulations, they clearly state that it applies to GOODS vehicles, so as long as the vehicle is not being used commercially it should not be classed as a goods vehicle. When I had my Leyland Daf MoTed in December I asked the tester about the upcoming tyre regulations and I was told that as mine is registered as a Motor Caravan since first registration it is exempt from the tyre rules as it is not a goods
  8. I have been asked to value various military items as the owner is getting divorced, I have managed to get reasonable values for most of his collection but I am stumped with his 25 pounder. It is in quite good condition with all CES, has anyone a rough idea of what it would be worth?
  9. Any chance of a photo of the other side so that I can see where the ammo tray fits?
  10. Whitham currently have 4 used 16:00 x 20 Michelin zxl tyres and 1 unused one in their auction, may be worth a look as the current bid is quite low.
  11. Full set of 120 De Agostini Combat Tanks Collection still in display boxes complete with, 'free gift' Famo tank transporter, magazines in binders and 6 display units. To be auctioned at Wessex Auction Rooms near Chippenham on Friday 18th December lot 20. Very low estimate, but no photos as yet. I can vouch for the condition of these tanks as it is my collection.
  12. Hi Sam, did you manage to get out on a road test? If so how was it?
  13. There should be a line on the inside of the boiling vessel, fill with water up to this mark then put in the inner pot and fill that with water and ration pack meal pouches. The idea is that the boiled water in the main boiling vessel can be drawn off using the tap to make tea, while the water in the inner pot heats up the meals.
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