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  1. I have been asked to value various military items as the owner is getting divorced, I have managed to get reasonable values for most of his collection but I am stumped with his 25 pounder. It is in quite good condition with all CES, has anyone a rough idea of what it would be worth?
  2. Any chance of a photo of the other side so that I can see where the ammo tray fits?
  3. Whitham currently have 4 used 16:00 x 20 Michelin zxl tyres and 1 unused one in their auction, may be worth a look as the current bid is quite low.
  4. Full set of 120 De Agostini Combat Tanks Collection still in display boxes complete with, 'free gift' Famo tank transporter, magazines in binders and 6 display units. To be auctioned at Wessex Auction Rooms near Chippenham on Friday 18th December lot 20. Very low estimate, but no photos as yet. I can vouch for the condition of these tanks as it is my collection.
  5. Hi Sam, did you manage to get out on a road test? If so how was it?
  6. There should be a line on the inside of the boiling vessel, fill with water up to this mark then put in the inner pot and fill that with water and ration pack meal pouches. The idea is that the boiled water in the main boiling vessel can be drawn off using the tap to make tea, while the water in the inner pot heats up the meals.
  7. MAN SVRs have 16:00 x 20 tyres and with the 10 years steer tyre regulations coming in in February there could be a lot coming up for disposal as the SVRs have 2 steer axles. There may even be some of these tyres on wheels as The MAN Trucks have 3 piece wheels fitted with tubeless tyres, either Michelin or Continental and as such have a rubber sealing ring which has to be replaced when a tyre is replaced. The big problem is that you can't buy the sealing ring seperately so you have to fit a complete new wheel. Don't forget that these tyres are radial and your Martian is probably on crosspl
  8. This sticker is still in use on serving Land Rovers sometimes on the dashboard sometimes on the rear crossmember near the tow hitch. Did you notice the big mistake on these stickers? It states 'Maximum GVW 1410 Kg which would be very very difficult to maintain as a basic Wolf 110 weighs 1600 Kg empty and a Penman lightweight trailer weighs 620 Kg empty making the combined empty weight 2220Kg!
  9. They are banning remoulds on steer axles and not before time. My middle brother had a remould fitted to the front axle of his artic without his knowledge, this remould blew out as he was leaving a services on the M1 luckily he was still accelerating and no damage was done, it could have been a lot worse as he had a full tank of methanol as a load.
  10. Very nice and a lot more complete than the one that used to be in Melksham until a few years ago.
  11. If you look closely at the photos on xmod's website, the lid is scuffed and has a lot of dirt on it, also the switch guard has signs of use. When I have new ones delivered they stay in their boxes until they are issued. As I handle and test these boiling vessels on a daily basis I can easily tell the difference between NOS and used.
  12. They may have 20, but the one in the photo is used and probably faulty. I have about 30 in my store with various faults and although there is a parts list in the user manual there are no NSNs so even if we could identify the fault we can't demand the parts to repair them.
  13. According to the Gov.uk website, vehicles that are exempt from MoT testing and registered as Historic Vehicle and not used commercially will be exempt from this regulation. But as I own a Leyland Daf, I will have to buy 2 new steer tyres, if I can find any suitable ones.
  14. As these ration & water heaters currently cost the MoD £980 each and are currently in short supply, I doubt very much if you will find any unused ones for sale. You could try the manufacturers, Electrothermal Ltd.
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