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  1. So the Luftwaffe would have stayed away? I doubt it, and I'm sure they would have bombed by visual identification with a clear sky. Also smoke provides a very effective smokescreen.
  2. Apart from this photo, there are very few that that show signs of fire, which surprises me, as apart from draining the sump etc, setting fire to vehicles is good for destroying things quickly after the crew have left their vehicles and joined the queue for the ships. As there was enough smoke already on an easily identifiable beach I don't buy the idea that it would have drawn more attacks from the Luftwaffe than they expected.
  3. Getting serious for a moment; I'm not sure if I topped up my 1980 Lwt with E10 it would like it as it has E5 in it at the moment. Might I ruin the new and old fuel? Same applies to my 2010 Vauxhall Zafira Life 1.6? Its not diesel! Sadly it seems that E5 is in short supply in NW London
  4. My Misses saw me sorting through my receipts for things I had bought in September, including one for petrol. She asked me what I wanted to do with them. I said I'm going to have them framed!
  5. Due to the shortage or perceived shortage I have not been out in my Lwt for a few weeks and did not want to upset the neighbours who need fuel more than me. I did see this which made me smile! I did not have the heart to say its actually a CET
  6. I agree thanks for these suggestions. I have some minor holes in my Lwt tub, at the moment not big enough to lose anyone or anything. I like the idea of the replacement floor and just need to figure out how much else needs to be removed to fit it As for the Citroen 5hp dash, I guess filling that hole was done on the bench?
  7. I have been in contact with Jochem at Tankograd recently and he has said that he is facing hard times in that we the public have not been buying books in such quantity recently, with the pandemic and lack of MV shows and stalls being a factor. My recent addition to my collection from Tankograd was the one on the T-34 and British vehicles in Werhmacht Service in WW2. The number and quality of photos in each, is truely amazing and it would be a shame if Tankograd 'disappeared' in the malaise that is book buying. Strange isn't it that the cost of a takeaway curry for the family will probably cost more than one of Tankograds finest, which you will have for ever, long after you discover you local curry house is 'all sauce and not enough meat' !
  8. Adrian, In view of your comment on the availability of those battle dress tops, I can tell you that the 100th BG didn't arrive until 9th June 1943, so that fits. Incidentally I have never heard of such British made clothing and I am amazed they wore such tat! It does not fit with my wifes belief that they all looked like Richard Gere in Yanks. And Baz, apologies!
  9. Ted you got in first while I was typing!
  10. Baz48, Thanks for your reply. I have an idea that RE Field Sqns used Morris A/Cs Also I must correct you on the use of stars on RAF vehicles, the 2TAF used the roundel and I don't think stars were used in Far East - but you knew this already so its a slip of the hand!
  11. I think the evidence points to these Morris A/Cs being for USAAF station defence, of Thorpe Abbots, as we now know the USAAF had them as per those Morris A/Cs shown in Ted's photo, and despite the lack of US stars and armament in my photos. They might have just been delivered and are being tried out by the Officers (who else gets first go).
  12. Meaning it is 4x2 not 4x4? Also V520 does seem to match a number of WD Contract numbers?
  13. Thanks all! And BTW Ted what MGs are fitted to the A/Cs in the photos you posted?
  14. I'm assured they were USAAF personnel, and in at least two separate locations - plus unlikely to have been borrowed from the Home Guard for a 'jolly'. I guess a Home Guard A/C would have a proper serial used on A/Cs in British Army and not V520 BTW - I have just noticed the B-17s in the background in photo 1 & 2 with the D on the tail matching 100th BG. Without an MG I guess they could have used it for a runabout - after all they had more petrol than we have now! Ha ha! I thought this would be simple for those who know the USAAF!!!
  15. Those with an interest in the USAAF in the UK in WW2, will no doubt be familiar with the reverse Lend Lease of Austin K2 ambulances and Crossley Crash Tenders that the USAAF used, etc. But I was unaware of the use by the USAAF of British Armoured Cars I think for airfield defence, as seen in these photos of a Morris Armoured Car used at Thorp Abbotts airfield, the home of the 100th BG. I'm not familiar with the V serial on the front. Any clues as to it and the type / identity of the defence unit hat used these? And why do MG ? I don't believe these were armoured crash tenders
  16. Incidentally Ted, in the background of the photo of the people dancing in costume is what appears to be a GMC 6x6 and trailer. Do you think that it is a visitor or RAF vehicle?
  17. Thanks Ted. A nice selection of vehicles in the background. I can make out Crossley Q and a four wheeled office type trailer but not an Albion.
  18. Yes, I agree, so lets see some more photos or comments from Ted, especially his take on the Commer Q2 with a green roof.
  19. So are you saying Ted that the Nobel s colours are the same after all, or the name is wrong. Surely one is a dark green and the other is grey tarmac?
  20. Dear Bob, Its great to have you on board so to speak with Ted and Matchfuze etc as RAF Vehicle Colour Specialists. I correspond with Mike Starmer too and of course I am familiar with his MAFVA info. One point - I'm reliably informed that Nobel's Tarmac (Dark) Green No.4 is not the same as Nobel's Dark Tarmac No 4, with the later being the colour of tarmac. That is unless there is confusion with (Dark) Green No.4 in having 'Tarmac' in its name. Ted Angus knows. Keep up the good work !
  21. Dear Bob, Thanks for sharing these photos. The following is my take on the vehicle photos; 1. Starting with the Albion AM463 refueller in the back ground it does look green and brown rather than two greens of G3 and G4. 2. The Trolley Acc in RAF blue-grey is quite typical, as it is too insignificant to get the camo treatment 3- The four shots of the Bedford MSC vehicle also look to be decidedly green and brown, even if I adjust the colour and although I admit to being a doubter of such schemes, I think at the time of the Battle of Britain there was either a lack of AMO guidance for the RAF in the UK or perhaps a decision that locally acquired paints etc should be used until an AMO gave guidance. I know we have to make allowances for colour movie film but I cannot 'change' it on the PC to be G3 green and G4 dark green. Never say never? 4. Regarding the WAAAF on the Fordson N I have posted this on HMVF before. I did wonder if this was a colourised photo. Assuming it isn't I have been told on here that it may be a hurriedly purchased civi tractor that were switched from being orange and delivered in gloss green. It still has the Fordson lettering picked out in red - orange. As for the wheels ??? 5. The Westland Whirlwind shot shows a Trolley Acc in RAF Blue Grey with white wheels as mentioned previously. Why white? 6. The Fordson Roadless and Bowser I have seen before and referred to Mike Starmer (of WW2 colours fame) and he like me, in comparison with other shots from the sequence, says it appears to be G3 base coat with G5 Light Green as camo. Could that be the answer to the Bedford MSCs mentioned in 3. above? This photo dates to August 1941. 7. The Albion AM463 refueller in front of the Spitfire also dates from 1941 appears to be G3 Green but not much else shows. It is from Life Magazine I think. 8. The Commer Q2 with a green upper camouflage in a 'quasi' mickey mouse scheme is very interesting to me as I am logging examples of when the RAF got it wrong (or not). I'm guessing the vehicle is in a base coat of SCC.2 brown and that it dates from a mid war period when using up G4 instead of Nobel's Dark Tarmac No.4 was more common ( or so we might assume). Have you a date and place Bob, for this photo? 9. The rear end of the staff car is IMHO G3 and G4 but apart from RAF personnel hard to know if it's RAF 10. The Fordson Type 1301 I have seen on the web, but the Albion Ambulance behind the colours are 'different' 11 . The Commer Q15 head on is from the same film as the Fordson Roadless and Bowser above, as it almost certainly Green G3 base with G4 dark green camo. 12. the AEC 6x6 Bowser. Either G3 and G4 too or more likely is it SCC.2 with G3 camo, which fits with the 1942-45 Lancaster years. 13. Is the Fordson N and WAAF towing a blockbuster another example of a Gloss Green and 'brown' wheels vehicle as in 4. above. 14.Another AEC 6x6 with SCC.2 base coat and Black, Dark Brown or even Green camo? 15. I cannot say much except the bowser appears to be camouflaged. 16. Thanks for the photos of the David Brown tractors. that with a yellow bonnet dates from late 1944. So to recap thanks Bob for these attachments, and interestingly or perhaps embarrassingly, the photo of that Fordson 7V I saw some years ago in the 601 Sqn film is still 'missing' !
  22. Well RAF blue grey seems to have been used on all manner of tools and equipment that was not of a size that mattered regarding aerial observation by the Luftwaffe. Incidentally i have seen tool compressors that have been camouflaged and yet Trolley Accumulators that have had RAF blue grey wheels and white wheels too.
  23. By chance i was passing WH Smiths and noticed they are selling a paperback/ magazine called Military Trucks Archive and Volume 6 was on AEC Military vehicles including more than trucks, so armoured cars and tanks too, from 1930s up to Militant and beyond.
  24. My Land Rover Lwt, over the last few years has had E5 in it and due to Covid, especially last year, was not driven much. The only thing I noticed on my last drive but one, was that I had to give it full revs when the Carb started a momentary spit, as if there was grit in the fuel. I thought it was in need of a new fuel filter which I have yet to fit. But I wonder now if it is E5 coating the needles? Is E5 too low to do much harm. It still starts and drives ok.
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