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  1. 2021-09-02_RM Stamps British Army Vehicles.pdf The Post Office launched some new stamps yesterday (see attached pdf) featuring British Military Vehicles, one set of 8 features tanks from the MkIV to the Challenger 2. The other set of 4 feature modern military vehicles, Coyote, Foxhound, Trojan and Wildcat helicopter. If you want a Fisrt day cover of the tank stamps, the Tank Museum is offering one with the tank set and a Tank Museum Post mark. Or you can buy them from a Post Office.
  2. Your question is rather like asking 'how long is a piece of string?'. I bought my Leyland Daf 4 tonner from Dave Crouch, now Crouch Military, who did me an 'on the road deal'. Mot'ed, registered and taxed all for a reasonable price. Try ringing Richard Crouch and asking him for an on the road quote as they have some good Leyland Dafs for sale.
  3. These 'cookers' are usually known as Boiling Vessels or BVs for short, you first take out the inner container and then fill the boiling vessel with water up to the mark on the inside then re fit the inner. When the inner is in place fill it up to the mark and place the ration pack(s) in the water. When the boiling vessel is turned on it heats the water between the outer and inner , which in turn heats the water in the inner. The hot water between the the inner and outer can be drawn off via the tap to make a brew while you enjoy the delightful ration pack meal. All heated while you are driving.
  4. New ones come in Satin Black, red paint is usually to suggest danger.
  5. It could be a good idea to pressure test the fuel line, a friend of mine had exactly the same symptoms on his Dodge, after overhauling the fuel pump to no avail he fitted an electric fuel pump. When he turned the ignition on a very fine jet of petrol shot out of the fuel pipe, the hole was so small it was virtually impossible to see. After replacing the fuel pipe and removing the electric pump it still runs fine.
  6. Thanks for the replies, I valued it at £12,500. His wife thought it was worth £30,000! Among his other vehicles he has an ex Swiss army Unimog 401, when I found out how much they sell for (If you can find one) I nearly fell off my chair.
  7. At last a chance to take your WW2 era vehicles out! I have attached copies of the fliers that I have been sent, it sounds like an interesting event, anyone got a spare WW2 vehicle that I can borrow? Final extra Poole at War boards 2021 v8.pdf
  8. Bad news I'm afraid that isn't an easily replaceable cover but a structural part of the chassis. Any decent Land Rover specialist should be able to give you a quote for replacement.
  9. If the rot is visible from the rear, then you are in luck as this section is a bolt on cover. The only problem with replacing the cover is that the captive nuts in the floor section may turn. This is quite an easy and cheap replacement, can be done with hand tools and does not need the body removed. The actual crossmember on a Wolf or Tithonus rarely rots but the covers do.
  10. The ERMs (equipment registration number) are post 1949, could these photos be from the early 50s like the Standard Vanguard pick up in the previous photo?
  11. That looks like an early 1950s Standard Vanguard pick up.
  12. I have a couple that are date expired ( over 5 years old) but still serviceable if they are any good to you, they are genuine military ones with the NSN printed on them.
  13. I may be wrong but I believe that the Wartburg engine runs in the opposite direction to the DKW engine.
  14. Have you tried Crouch Military? As the Leyland Daf DROPS is now coming out of service you may think that all the spares would be coming on the market, but believe it or not the MoD contractor for disposal of vehicle spares is VEOLIA!!! Yes the waste disposal company, so what is the chance of these spares being available to us that need them?
  15. No it had the original Munga gearbox, so it still had 4 wheel drive.
  16. The Munga that I owned had a Nissan engine fitted which I was told came out of a Micra, I have also heard of them being fitted with Ford Crossflow engines. Both easier to find than a Saab 2 stroke, the Nissan engine fitted the original gearbox with no noticeable modifications.
  17. I asked the MoT testers about this when I had my Leyland Daf tested in December and I was told that as my truck is registered as a Motor Caravan, and has been all its civvy life, the 10 year steer tyre regulations don't apply to it.
  18. Just thinking back to when you bought your first Diamond T almost by accident and now you have 5!! Must be the most Diamond Ts owned by one person. Well done Sam, look forward to seeing another restoration. How are the Morrises coming on?
  19. I missed out the important bit 'replace the O ring!
  20. Check the fuel pipe connectors, the pipe is a push fit and over time the O rings perish and air gets sucked into the fuel system. Firstly push the plastic pipe into the brass elbows then try starting it, if it still won't start remove the elbows and replace the O rings. Just pull out the inner ring with a pair of long nosed pliers hook out the old O ring and then drop the inner ring back in. This worked on my Leyland Daf and it started instantly yesterday for the first time in 3 months.
  21. It has been illegal to use white on black number plates on vehicles registered after 1973! I have attached the latest number plate information from the DVSA, page 10 has the relevant information. vehicle-registration-numbers-and-number-plates-inf104.pdf
  22. All the running gear, engine, transmission and road wheels are interchangeable between AS90 and Warrior along with many smaller parts.
  23. They have been completely stripping AS90s which are based on Warrior at work for the past year to use as spares for Warrior as there has been a shortage of spare parts. We still have another 4 AS90s still to strip, will they get stripped or sold off? Husky is already being sold off and the Cougar variants, Mastiff Ridgback and Wolfhound are going out of service, the big question is when will they go?
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