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  1. I wish I could afford it, I remember judging it at Kemble it impressed me so much that I had to give it the award of "Best Heavy Vehicle ". What a wonderful and rare vehicle.
  2. Has anyone else noticed the Ineos Grenadier advert next to the article in the link? Let's just hope that the British Army chooses either the Ibex or the Grenadier to replace the current Land Rovers rather than have another piece of American junk like the Husky foisted upon us.
  3. We usually fit a complete wiring loom to the Penman trailers if there is any lighting fault at aĺl. The number plate light looks very similar to the one fitted to Land Rover Wolf's which have the same connectors. May be worth trying to get a Wolf one or I could see if we have one lying about at work on Monday.
  4. I knew Bob for about 10 years and attended his funeral as a representative of the MVT. Hello was a regular VIP visitor to Lacock at War along with fellow Normandy veteran Gordon Smith. Bob once showed me his photo album of photos of him with the Studebaker US6 artic that he drove in Normandy and also a lot of photos of him with Volkswagen Beetles in Germany! One time at a 1940s dance at Melksham, the burlesque dancer was doing the tassel twirl on stage when the tassels flew off in opposite directions, when Bob's wife Gwen was told what had happened she said "it's a good job that I'm blin
  5. Paul, could I suggest that you PM Tankdiver on this forum. I verified his CVRW Polecat last year and he managed to get that road registered. I'm sure that Lawrence (Tankdiver) would be the best person to contact as he has been through the registration process with a CVRW.
  6. Thanks very much Richard, it's been driving me mad trying to get information about the build date, with Jeeps it is so easy, but some other vehicles it can be a real nightmare.
  7. I have been asked to verify a Canadian Universal carrier, but I am having great difficulty in finding a list of hull numbers to verify the year of manufacture. Does anyone know where I can find such a list?
  8. A friend of my father's bought a lot of 3 Bedford RLs from Ruddington to work in the woods on his Ravenswick estate in North Yorkshire. He sold 1 to someone at Ruddington and set off driving 1 and towing the other non runner on a solid towbar, after a couple of miles he thought that it was rather sluggish and pulled in to a layby to check for binding brakes. When they found that the brakes were not hot they checked the back of the Bedfords and found 25 crates in each truck, they opened 1 and found a BSA B40 so they opened more and found each crate contained a B40. Hello then found a phone box
  9. Could it be a German built Tempo Land Rover?
  10. Are you sure that VRN is correct? According to the MERLIN archive RW VRNs were never issued there is a jump from RN for Royal Navy to SE for special equipment. I also checked 22 BW 00 but again there is a jump from 63 BT 54 which is a Mercury Grand Marquis 4x2 saloon. To 06 BX 04 which is a tracked Rapier missile launcher.
  11. I use Cherished, which is part of A-Plan, very easy to agree a value with and reasonably priced.
  12. You were very close Dale, in fact they are from an AS90.
  13. Before and after photos of our new AFV plant pot, can anyone figure out which AFV they were from?
  14. I understand that it is easier to buy an assault rifle in the states than a bottle of whisky. But then again both are harmless until you add the idiot
  15. Silly question, have you taken the radiator cap off?
  16. I've just read their T&Cs, and they state; "If the show is cancelled for any reason the organisers shall not be under any liability whatsoever in respect of any booking or trade stand fees. Exhibitors are advised to take out their own insurance for such an eventuality" So unless you have insurance to cover cancellation (how many have) you can wave bye bye to you booking in fee.
  17. I don't think that there will be any shows or large events this year, I was told today that all Somerset carnivals have been cancelled. It's only a matter of time before War and Peace is cancelled, they are probably loathe to pay back all that entry money. Let's just hope that next year will be back to some resemblance of normality.
  18. Defenders have the pioneer tools mounted on the top of the front wings.
  19. Very well done, indistinguishable from the genuine article. (See photo)
  20. The MAN SVs along with most current British military vehicles have lots of electronic equipment on them. A couple of years ago I saw a REME corporal almost in tears when his laptop crashed while trying to diagnose a fault on a Foxhound. All current British military vehicles have lots of special test equipment and specific diagnostic laptops which will be wiped before disposal so any civilian owner will have great difficulty working on them. The biggest problem with MAN SVs is that they can be shut down remotely from the factory in Germany!
  21. A few years ago a chap from z village near me asked me for a valuation of his late father's Jeep, as it was not original, BMC B series engine and gearbox for a start, I gave him a valuation of £7,000, then asked him about the Welbike that his father owned. He was surprised that I asked about the Welbike as he thought that as it was unrestored it wouldn't be worth more than £1,000! He went on to sell it for nearly £5,000. Just goes to show that some people don't know the value of things they inherit.
  22. Believe it or not, the same wire cutters are still part of the CES for CVRTs the oldest ones that I have found ere dated 1942! I have also found 1944 dated Trench Mirrors as part of the RARDEN cleaning kit.
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