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  1. MAN SVRs have 16:00 x 20 tyres and with the 10 years steer tyre regulations coming in in February there could be a lot coming up for disposal as the SVRs have 2 steer axles. There may even be some of these tyres on wheels as The MAN Trucks have 3 piece wheels fitted with tubeless tyres, either Michelin or Continental and as such have a rubber sealing ring which has to be replaced when a tyre is replaced. The big problem is that you can't buy the sealing ring seperately so you have to fit a complete new wheel. Don't forget that these tyres are radial and your Martian is probably on crosspl
  2. This sticker is still in use on serving Land Rovers sometimes on the dashboard sometimes on the rear crossmember near the tow hitch. Did you notice the big mistake on these stickers? It states 'Maximum GVW 1410 Kg which would be very very difficult to maintain as a basic Wolf 110 weighs 1600 Kg empty and a Penman lightweight trailer weighs 620 Kg empty making the combined empty weight 2220Kg!
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