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  1. I don't think I've ever seen a key card before, so thanks for showing. Numbers 3 & 4 make interesting reading as being Lost or stolen, nothing to do with that army major who was mentioned in an earlier thread, be a bit young then! What do the letters S/O stand for? It's probably obvious but not to me. Presumably the other abbreviations are for their respective disposal locations, I see one went to the Federation Army. All a quick search gives for that is the US Army? As for the others what are those organisations? MOS = ministry of supply? MOA = Ministry of Agriculture? BER? MELF? WD = war department? Lots of abbreviations on this card, just a bit curious
  2. Which, gas envelope or overhead cables as per tram? A great choice of picture methinks
  3. This has been tried in the past, cannot remember where but think it was using long leads held up off the ground Antique Tractor Electric - Bing images
  4. Poor electrical connections also generate heat via arcing, presumably there would be other symptoms though
  5. Lots of pictures here Fany WW1 - Bing images
  6. I would advise against the use of oak as the acid(s) within are not conducive to the long term survival of your pride and joy See here What screws do you use in oak? (ehow.co.uk) Corrosion of metals associated with wood - Victoria and Albert Museum (vam.ac.uk)
  7. Cheers for that, just curious as to how it all goes together. All that lovely craftsmanship and then just nailed on, as per back in the day! As its being covered with canvas no one is going to see the heads. The nails aren't driven into through the tongue are they, secret nailed? Is the tongue uppermost and no groove on the lowest board? Are the dowel holes slightly offset so that when the dowels are driven in they pull the tenon into the joint? Haunched mortice and tenons, with a rebate too! My woodworking lessons weren't wasted on me.
  8. How are the T & G boards secured to the frame work...large short screws? What about the ends of those boards to same? Thanks
  9. Modern pre cleaners with explanations https://www.donaldson.com/en-be/engine/filters/products/air-intake/accessories/pre-cleaners/
  10. Original Rare ww1 British army Truck lamp /Head light https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2060353.m570.l1313&_nkw=333865431292&_sacat=0
  11. How big/little, diameter and length? I suspect RS Components would be a good place to start. As an example https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/cartridge-fuses/0563380/
  12. Item 30, or very similar, is for sale on face book if you search "vintage brass 12v car inspection light"
  13. Are the floor boards plain or tongued and grooved or grooved with a separate tongue?
  14. Are these for dusty environments or just a different type of filter?
  15. M275 opened in 1976 A large chunk of the former scrap yard is now the Park & Ride site
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