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  1. Original Rare ww1 British army Truck lamp /Head light https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2060353.m570.l1313&_nkw=333865431292&_sacat=0
  2. How big/little, diameter and length? I suspect RS Components would be a good place to start. As an example https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/cartridge-fuses/0563380/
  3. Item 30, or very similar, is for sale on face book if you search "vintage brass 12v car inspection light"
  4. Are the floor boards plain or tongued and grooved or grooved with a separate tongue?
  5. Are these for dusty environments or just a different type of filter?
  6. M275 opened in 1976 A large chunk of the former scrap yard is now the Park & Ride site
  7. How did they get the V8 in there as it looks kind of snug with the tall four?
  8. Decompressors were optional on Agri engines
  9. Looking good, these engines were always good starters, but were not used in Fordson Dextas, that's a Perkins derivative.
  10. Yes, I think it is an industrial or truck engine of 1961 vintage. Your fuel injection pump was not used on the Fordson Major, the tractor fuel lift pump was mounted directly to the block where your blank plate is attached. I do not know how interchangeable the tractor and industrial/truck engine parts are.
  11. That is were the tractor engines fuel pump is mounted, so I would say yes. Camshaft should be the same on all 4 cylinder mk 11 engines, according to my source, Vintage Tractor Special No. 10 Fordson New Major E1A 1951-64 The 8 bolt injection pump was introduced in december 1953 and not 1957 as I erroneously mentioned, my mistake, sorry. Are your casting marks F29F? I make this to be May 29 1961 but stand to be corrected
  12. I would say your engine is a mk 11 industrial version, post April 1957, as it has 6 fixings for rocker cover and 8 bolts to the fuel injection pump cover. Have you any casting codes (letters/numbers) on the other(near) side towards the front below exhaust manifold and above the dynamo? The tractor version of engine does not have the fuel pump mounted on the injection pump. A Ford Industrial Products dealer should be able to help you with regards year/age of engine. 6 cylinder versions had the injection pump driven by a short shaft, I wouldn't know whether that would be feasible or not. I
  13. Does this run a torque tube to the transfer box?
  14. 1506 and 1508 not shown/used, perhaps it should read 1329 as these were 550 gallon fuel tanker. Interesting picture, no booms to refueller, although I don't know when they were/were not used. That looks like 1308 on the door, maybe an error when being marked up pre invasion, presumably the picture was taken in '44 or later?
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