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  1. THIS the only one left and what a fate it has come to
  2. As said the COLE was the most common there are others from ww2 made by the US of the british one's there was also the BAGNOLD seen in photographs of LRDG vehicles . The COLE was used after ww2 by the SAS on the pink panthers
  3. The most common was the COLE MK 2 SUN COMPASS
  4. attached a small scale drawing the larger one in the design ledger is to big to copy
  5. l would suggest its a 3ton office lindsay house type body
  6. The design of the hitch is correct for this type of tipping trailer while there is little information on them l know that the royal navy did use a similar design of trailer in pre war trials They do not appear in either british or canadian data books covering ww2 .
  7. chassis numbers starting 244 had eight digits and ended with A and appear to be export LHD and would be a early 2A 88 INCH from my list of chassis numbers
  8. This is a ex RAF trailer from the series of allocated numbers 71 AU 99 TO 75 AU 16 for trailers two wheeled one ton tipper
  9. VANDEN PLAS R 153624
  10. SKIP l do not know if you have contacted any one but a friend has been up to SCOTLAND to collect some thing for me and stayed in BIGGER on the way back and visited the BIGGER MUSEUM and picked up this print out
  11. SKIP what l was getting at is they may have the drawings for the coupling for the ALBION CX 24 as for it been the same as the TRMU is the ? After ball and socket its hard from the images to compare the two against each other to make a judgement
  12. Looking through information that l have it seems that the type of coupling for the trailer was a ball and socket ? . When the museum required details of the coupling for the SCAMMELL TRMU to make a replica drawings where obtained from the BRITISH COMMERICAL VEHICLE MUSEUM LEYLAND LANCS have you thought of contacting them
  13. A-M l think you will find stands for AUSTIN -MORRIS all car with in the BRITISH LEYLAND GROUP military contracts had A-M after B L
  14. A bit of information from the rasc vehicle data book 1943
  15. The RLC MUSEUM should have your history card for 25 RA 37 YOURS was in the batch of numbers allocated to bedford MWDs 22 RA 04 TO 38 RA 99
  16. it' a while but the lock is on the left side of the turret pull the handle upwards and turn it so it holds up in the unlocked position
  17. As has been said this has been known about for over twenty years and as l said before has cost the tax payer a large amount to get to this point. There have been other case's like this and the results have been the same let off to lightly. It's time that the people who investigate this type of crime for that is what it is got their act together
  18. All the information should be held by the RLC MUSEUM as they took the records archives from the old M.A.T But how much they took l do not know the sale of items from Fort Paull shows how much they gave away and the files l have were the backup scans that l paid for in case of loss of the original items and returned to me when the TQMS retired after the museum closed. l do not know if any of the information is online
  19. THE information was complied from first the number two key cards and contract records and chilwell lists held at the former MUSEUM OF ARMY TRANSPORT and members of the AEC society . The question of service history is one of the most asked by owners of vehicles of the world war two period unless you can find a picture of it in service the answer is unlikely
  20. 88 YY 54 HAD the census number of H 4I33563 CONTRACT v3501 was for 623 Matadors had census numbers of H 4133317 TO H 4133939
  21. as far back in time when man tried to power machines there has been risk steam power boilers exploding horse stampeding from the internal combustion engine noise animals frightened by the jet engine . But it never stopped the human from improving these ideas. And as long as there is a need it will continue
  22. When the time comes l would be inclined to go to the HYDROGEN route saw this over forty years ago and l know great amount of research is going on into it's use not only as a fuel for motor vehicles and use in the home a friend works for a company that has invested a huge amount into this
  23. the wartime number is as you say is X 6213778
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