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  1. yes it does look like he has a pipe but if it is liquid nitrogen it' inert and it is without benefit of H/S
  2. just noticed the cylinder is on a set of scales you can make out the needle pointer on the round face
  3. l have been following this from the start those cookers came from 150 RLC TA HULL and where in the museum with a lot more
  4. From their dress l would say between the wars as they are pouring something into a funnel it could be liquid nitrogen from the vapour/ smoke
  5. Well yet another box of long forgotten documents the attached is one page of 59 A4 contained in a battered brown folder the date on the front is 1945 the pages are faded so this best l could get it list pre ww2 vehicle types and registration numbers the contents though faded can be read the vehicle numbers are in allocated batches to type and makers there are British Canadian and USA also in the box is a list of NORTONS WD 1936-43 with amendments in ink with contract no's engine numbers frame numbers date Quantity and model at the top of the first page it states there is a updated list to th
  6. the maximum gross laden weight of trailers towed by load carriers with a full load COMMER Q2 normal road four tons hilly roads 2 ton cross country not recommended
  7. A quote from a 1939 instruction book [ on each wheel there are two rings of nuts the outer set is coloured red if you only want to remove the wheel to get the wheel off slacken the inner ring of [ uncoloured nuts] the ring of red nut s should be never touched unless the tyre is deflated
  8. post war jerry cans had a aluminum tag attached to the handle which was painted red for petrol and yellow for diesel also yellow was used on vehicle sockets for lights on trailers
  9. For any one that's interested there is a video of one of the two in use on the streets of NI in july 1973 l have a copy
  10. Clive it was part of the collection which the NAM took over from beverley and like other items they in their role as guardians of the UKs ' military heritage saw fit to transfer were by the ownership was given to a other party who then could sell the item and as far as l can find out keep the money
  11. THIS was in the collection at beverley the file shows it was used by the RCT l have the whole history and receipt vouchers was only one of two that was used in NI
  12. The collection is not for sale as far as l know some are on loan
  13. in the above account what happened to the records all registered museum have or should have any item held by them is recorded in the accession ledger in my case they did not follow their published disposal policy which was the same as when the agreement was made. when in 1997 the museum of army transport had a administrator in that period l went through the ledger and returned as many vehicles and items lent or gifted to the owners before like what was to happen in 2003 when items were held up to one half years after it closed for good you would be surprised by the grief some owners gave me
  14. As some one who gifted two vehicle that were left to me as the job l held it was best not to own any military vehicle indeed it was two years after l left the museum before l bought one. The vehicles that l gifted had a caveat that if they could not be displayed or stored they would be offered back to me a the current market value in place at the time of disposal and was given a written assurance to that effect . A few years later l found out that one had been given to a unregistered so called museum who refused to answer any letters as to it were about's. The museum who held them in
  15. What ruxy says is correct if a vehicle reaches 40 old on the 1 st of april 2020 you have to wait until after the 1st of april 2021 as a example
  16. ROB from the file as you can see the cab was fitted out by the builder but other items came from services/ store so a crow bar might have been issued along with tools specific to a tanker
  17. ROB l have the MOD specification for the MK I MILITANT from the FVRDE file what l will say is items not on the CES did get put in the vehicles if they were useful in doing the job easier
  18. There is no mention of a crow bar in the CES list
  19. Food for thought between 2010 and 2017 a estimated 200 museums closed in the UK l cannot find any more up to date figures what price heritage ?
  20. THE museum is now looking again for a home as its present site has been sold and they will have to move unless they can come to a arrangement
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