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I hope once again to take a team photo and this year I might even post it on the forum.

I will take your opinions and advice on the set up, but for those who missed it we gathered on the helicopter field early on Sunday morning at around 0830-0930 before the Jet Ranger came in for the day's dust off. We had a couple of representative vehicles rather than a fleet - the faces are more important. So, broadly speaking, I am happy to do the same this year. It helped last year to have me set up the snap and have a non-member do the clicking so I could be in it. This is not essential. We can work it out - but this post is a warning for the people who have been disappointed to miss previous smudges. IT IS ALWAYS EARLY ON SUNDAY MORNING. Not the best time, but the most opportune.


I'd like to do a portrait snap of everyone as well sometime - with motor, cake, beer glass, lap dancer - it's your choice - you provide the props. It would be nice to build a record of us all and I'd like to take this to other events and get it done as a group by all of us as snappers/subjects. If it isn't your bag being snapped, no pressure. It's meant to be fun and is a social record of our magnificent group. All pics to be hung as 20x16 canvas prints in the member's long room above the ballroom and skittle alley at the clubhouse.



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Does this mean you'll be carrying James back again? I'll have to join you this time.

It's true, it is hard - but we can always photoshop you on.




He is to big to carry but will point him in the right direction, especially when he is being sick.

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Speaking on behalf of those of us not able to jump the puddle this summer, as i was elected unofficial spokesperson at the election you didnt hear about. . Could I ask a stupid question?


Being as how technology has advanced and Mark is supposedly a dab hand with a camera, could we by means of cunning or guile or photoshop do a Rev 2 picture with those of us who cant be there added in or as a separate picture altogether for some fun?


Just asking. . . .




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:idea: I have just put a reminder into my phone calender to remind me on Saturday to set the alarm for Sunday, so there is a slight chance might just make it.....


Bernard you sure you was never a yuppy in the eighties ?:D Very organised !:bow::bow:

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