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British berlin brigade Urban Camo paint scheme?


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FWIW even the bloke responsible for it didn't think so but I'm sure the two printed pics are of at least 2 different 109's. I'm going to guess it was done as some sort of proof of concept to compliment the armour and not a widespread thing. The blocks are supposedly the same scale as the armour, not done smaller for smaller vehicles, although when compared, there does appear to be some difference in scale. The Elvington one is a nice match of the pattern and will look even better in 20 years when it has toned down a bit :) It can't be easy guessing the colours accurately but a series of pics taken of the final parade all look closer to the flat tones of the armour than the Land Rover. Now I look at it again, the green/brown looks more like olive green, IRR even. If I were the one who had painted it, I'd be saying tough tittie to any comments about the Land Rover as I'd not be keen to do all that again, I think it looks good and probably benefits from not having contemporary architecture available over here to put it into proper context.

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Ah yes, Mike in Antwerp has one with the pattern found when restoring, that's more like it. Also, GavinNL used the quoted RAL colours for his, so that's at least 2 with authentic colours. For anyone who can't access the emlra forum:


Compiled from GavinNL:

According to the Tank Museum the correct colour references for Berlin Brigade camouflage using the German RAL system are as follows:


White = RAL9010,

Blue-grey = RAL7031 (Humrol no. 21)

Brown = RAL8025 (Humrol no. 62)


(In case there a modellers amongst you I have included the Humbrol reference too.)

The best source on the Berlin Brigade is the Tankograd book `British Infantry Brigade Berlin� which has a large number of photographs of AFVs in Berlin urban camouflage scheme.


However, here is the colour mix for ICI polyurethane spray paint for Berlin camo:


1. RAL 7031 Blue-grey:-

White 59%

Ferrite yellow 6.5%

Permanent blue 2.5%

Blue-black 32%


2. RAL 8025 Brown:-

Venetian red 33%

Bright yellow 19%

Blue-black 16%

White 32%


Looking at the Land-Rover pics on the emlra web site article on Berlin camo, even though they are very poor quality, the brown is not a bad colour reference and the white looks pretty white. But the grey is quite clearly almost black.

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If anyone here is on ARRSE, there is an interesting development in a Berlin thread about the origins of the scheme. I've asked by PM if anyone can clarify for me, and perhaps learn some more.


If you are searching, the thread is titled "Berlin - What was the plan?" and only now touches on the paintscheme, the thread isn't about the scheme itself, more about what might have happened.


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Going to have to repaint my 109 then, as I can now see the colours are incorrect. Nice to have more colour pics.

One of the MoD Guard Service guys (ex Army) at Yeovilton said they had a few Landys painted in it, and it was a b*gg*r to do!

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and I know it's a decent bump but I was looking for a new camo scheme for the landie to keep me out of mischief over the winter and this looks it. Any ideas what time frame it ran to? Cheers


Introduced in 1982 carried into 1983, then when the commander of the armoured squadron left went to DBG. But when he left reverted to the urban scheme. To find that point you need to find when the new commander, who came in 1983, actually left.

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