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  1. Caught up with Simon Wilinson last night, No129 he still has at the moment. I'm going to get a long and have look at it soon, I'll take plenty of photos!!
  2. Anyone seen this cartoon on youtube? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RdrK6o3ipyE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1RIDWdhCWB4
  3. Yep, it was a right aladins cave!!
  4. Thanks guys, alot more of a responce than I was expecting!!!
  5. Reading a book about Urban Warfare, and spotted a couple of pictures of this camo scheme, anyone using it on their vehicles? http://www.emlra.org/articles/berlin_brigade.htm
  6. Ok, I take it the land rover drip is for a leaky roof and the elbow for banging my arm on the door as I drive?!!!
  7. The bikes are just small ones, and I'm in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. No rush though, waiting for my grandmothers house sale to finish first, then I'll have some cash!!
  8. Cheers for the replies, welding is not a problem, got to be a long wheelbase, as will need to get motorbikes in it every now and again!!
  9. Don't mind something that needs work, just fancy something that is running!!
  10. Ok, after talking to mate in the NLBA on saturday, seriously thinking of getting a Land Rover. Thinking long wheelbase, gonna have in the next couple of months about a grand to spend, guessing I'm really looking at a tatty runner for that kind of cash? Any major pitfalls to look out for? Reserved a book from the library about army land rovers, hopefully get that next week but any advice? Don't want a civvie one made up to be ex army, want a proper one!!
  11. It was a long time ago!!!
  12. Was it Belgium? I remember helping paint it before it went!! It was a hot few days, and Simon was wearing a suit to sand blast the hull!!! Poor bloke was melting!!!
  13. Excellent photos, always loved the old Shermans, no-doubt cos Chris Wilkinson had them!! I remember him selling one to a guy in Holland, think it would have been between 93 and 95? And I don't know where his other one is now, I last saw it at his house a couple of years ago. Gutted that I lost my photos of the yard.
  14. Cheers, never pretended to know what I'm talking about!!!:nut::nut:
  15. Not cheap when you don't have the cash!! Currently havn't got a MV, hopefully, that will change for next year!!!
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