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  1. I have decided they are not DUKWs, even cut down ones, but I wonder if anyone on here can suggest a forum on where to find answers? My first thought was they were stripped DUKW hulls but finding the other photos suggests otherwise. I added the one with the truck in the top corner to indicate size. Photos dated 1948.
  2. The number 8, if I am informed correctly, is a chalked number added to help keep together various convoys. Other than that I cannot help further, other than to add that the squaddies appear to be Canadians given the I.D. numbers on the bike tanks ( and the fact they are Harleys.)
  3. You might do worse than going on Facebook to the Bedford MW 15cwt truck group. A number of members on there have the aero-screen vehicles.
  4. Now where did I get 4 from? I also have a 3.
  5. I will need to check, but I might have a set of 3BA taps and a die that I am willing to lend you for the cost of postage. If I have them it will save you a few pounds. That is if you don't have them 🙂
  6. Then you need to try here - https://www.gov.uk/get-copy-military-service-records As the website will tell you it can be a long wait, possiby twelve months or even longer in the current virus state, but this should come up with something - which has to be more than your current nothing 🙂
  7. No, I'm sorry the number is the serial number of the vehicle. I can't help any more than that, but some of the other guys on here might possibly be able to tell you the year it is from. Do you have any more vehicle photos -at all- these might show more helpful details such as unit markings?
  8. Thanks to everyone who has helped in this, it has certainly made for some interesting points.
  9. I am sure if you re-post this in the motorcycle section some of the 'regulars' will come up with some help Pawel.
  10. I am sure I have seen this image before on here but despite doing a 'search' I cannot find it again. So, what make of truck is it? It shows quite a rare photo of one of the RAF radar units being unloaded on Omaha beach. Judging by the spectators on the ship this was not on D-Day itself, maybe the day after?
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