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  1. A few more photos I have come across showing collections of MV's. In this case they are at the ROF Whitchurch, Cardiff. A very nice collection of Daimler(?) armoured cars, Dingo's and Universal Carriers all lined up awaiting disposal. I will let your hearts weep along with mine 🙂
  2. I don't think your analogy was lost on anyone, but I do think you would serve your purpose better on this forum by making your point, openly, in straight terms. As I said previously we will all be dead before the time you get to actually making some definitive, factual, traceable statements regarding your knowledge of these tanks. It could be that you do know some actual 'good stuff' but playing games with the guys on here is disrespectful to those whose potential backing it seems you are chasing. And if, as you say, you are not young in years you could easily take this complete knowledge t
  3. Patience? patience ? we are all going to die before we hear the end of this saga 🙂 But I am waiting.
  4. The answer seems to be they are illegal going by this - https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/955014/vehicle-registration-numbers-and-number-plates-inf104.pdf
  5. Even with your door raised, is there room for it with the viewing dome in position?
  6. I was told, some years ago by someone who I believed to be better informed than me, that the railways (British Rail) also had the crows foot. Government marking?
  7. Don't know if any of them on here fulfil your criteria. https://www.flickr.com/photos/britishjeep/albums/72157667125885203
  8. Thanks for that John, much appreciated!
  9. Is there any chance you could zoom in closer on the original of the top one of the ship photos please? Im just interested in trying to read the name. I can make out, I think, nine letters in it which does narrow it down but I cannot be certain. If the date is 1970/71 there is a chance we can I.D. it.
  10. Thanks for that Sean N, I will need to transfer my query to a dustcart forum 🙂 They are next to a refuse destructor.
  11. Richard. I was presuming from the shape (and shadows) that these are one and the same type of vehicle, so quite helpful for doing an i.d. if anyone recognised the distinctive 4 wheeler unit. Of course, these may not be of military origin - but given the numbers of and date it seemed likely. I am quite sure these are not in service with any branch or Ministry, just someones vehicles in a yard. Thanks.
  12. Richard, the vehicles are in a storage yard in Glasgow 1947. The aircrew bus seems a reasonable suggestion but what vehicle is it based on, that is my main question? It has a very long overhang to the front, but they are not (at first sight) articulated units. Duncan.
  13. I've found another photo of the same site, that (maybe) is a bit clearer? The photos can be found on Britain From Above this one is SAW009715. The very bottom centre. If you have not used the site previously you will need to sign up for free entry in order to be able to enlarge the images.
  14. I'm not sure I agree with you there John. The only images I have come across of K5's show them with the front wheels pretty much under the drivers position. I dont know where the driver sits in these but the front wheels are set well behind the front of the vehicle plus it has this extended 'neck' that looks a bit unusual to my eyes at least.
  15. Just another one I have come across whilst trawling the web. The photo dates from 1947 (definite) and what is here is as good as it gets, but it shows the outline of the cab, the fact that they are four wheelers and the well pronounced forward control seating position. But other than that it is outside my knowledge. Can anyone help identify the type?
  16. You could try Frank Brown, he does British canvas.
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