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  1. Four 14.00 x 20 Military bar grip pattern tyres, plenty of tread, might even be NOS. located in Lincolnshire. £200 each. Not seen any of these for sale for years. Perfect for wartime vehicle restorations. Excuse the mud, it's from wheeling them across the yard.
  2. If anyone needs any bits for these bowsers then please get in touch as I'm scrapping a couple. No pumps unfortunately but I do have a spare original Lister A engine available.
  3. Hi Pete, it's Tim here from Metheringham, keep up the good work, it's coming together mate!
  4. Great project. We are slowly fabricating new Matador cabs so might be able to help with your project. Where are you located?
  5. Great job, what shade of green paint are you using, looks really good?
  6. I'm just restoring one of these trailers at the moment but the tyres are perished. Could anyone kindly help locate some 1050/13 tyres that would be suitable please?
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