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Introduction Prof. Mike Williams

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Julie, my wife, and I live just east of Plymouth on the coast. In November 1985 we bought a Series 3 LWB FFR Land Rover from John Craddock. It had been converted to 12v, had a hard top fitted and resprayed (LR Masi Red), Series 3 County seats and Fairey overdrive with 110 door mirrors.  Converted to run on LPG as well as petrol. It is on its 3rd Bulkhead, 3rd engine, 8th gearbox, 2nd back axle. We used it to tow a diving boat all over the UK until 2015  and done well over half a million miles. It was rebuilt with a new bulkhead and galvanised chassis in 1992, a new rear tub added in 2011 and a new galvanised bulkhead in 2022, new petrol tanks and new front wiring loom. Genuine Land Rover or OEM parts are used wherever possible. Today it lives a quieter retirement, averaging 4-5,000 miles a year. All mods are reversible if (eventually) the next owner wants to return it to military spec. However, we intend keeping it until our driving days are over. At 72 we hope that is some time off ! So not original in fit out but much loved.

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Well, the front axle, front panel, front wings are original, at least as far as we know. Rather than ex-military we say it had one former lady owner who never drove it much. Not much, if any, snow down here on the South Devon coast but in 2018 when the 'Beast from the East' hit it ended up doing deliveries of medicines, shopping etc to older folk around the village. As a result it became quite well known around the village.  


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