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  1. Apologies for resurrecting an old thread ....but just found it through a google search ... Here's a clip of my No1 burner in action Thought you might like to see it
  2. The Benzinkocher "Might" be simpler ....but it is nowhere near as impressive as a No1 at full chat . We are heading off with some old landrovery friends in a few weeks (heading for North Wales) and i fully intend taking the No1 with me and having a crack at cooking over a trench with it .... It'll either be a roaring sucess or i'll die to death trying lol
  3. Well it's "VERY" everyday (my only working landrover ATM)...and the Sankey also "lives" behind it full time as i don't have anywhere else to park it ... I did think about that when i bought it BUT it was too cheap to miss Mostly due to the multi layers of blue hammerite and tailgate chopped into the rear panel,Not for the purists
  4. A couple of my mates LWT in Berlin brigade .... He is over on EMLRA too http://forum.emlra.org/viewtopic.php?t=8462&highlight=berlin VinnyLWT
  5. I know,I know ...... I am still struggling with myself whether or not to do it though .....The Nato green on there is pretty weathered (So i am reluctant to re-paint it as i kind of like the weathered look)and it might look a bit odd for a while with new black bits ...until it weathers in a bit, Not that that would take too long as it does tend to get "used" rather than pampered
  6. Cheers for that Alec .... Glad you are lovvin the Benzinkocher ....Ideal for a wok too ....stirfrytastic, Please let me know how you fare with the No1 ...they really are an impressive bit of kit (IF a little wilder than the Benzin lol) We (Old leaf sprung landrover...OLLR.net) are off camping to North Wales in May,and are camping at Shell island http://www.shellisland.co.uk/ Which is mainly on sand ....Thus ideal for digging a trench in and firing up the .... well you can guess the rest mate.I'll get some pictures i promise .
  7. Only ever come closed to doing that when reversing with the sankey attached to get the second half of the "drive over" ...as for the Salisbury one ... Not one of mine i am afraid . Time for a camera upgrade as this one is a tape based one and loses quality when converted to youtube... Soon as i win the lottery i'll be replacing it with a fully digital one lol. To be honest i am surprised that more folks don't chuck together a bit of video when they are out driving their vehicles ....as i really enjoy the filming/editing etc as i do the actual driving
  8. Odd to think that it is less than 20 minutes drive from the center of Manchester/Oldham
  9. AND some Youtube footage of it in action ..... Just in case anyone was interested
  10. Cheers guys .... Still struggling to decide whether or not to stick the Black patches back on it .... And apologies for the slightly chopped about Sankey ...But as it gets used as camping barge too it makes it much easier to load/unload (and was cheap as chips too ;-)) ) I was knackered after filming the vid though ....it's bloody hard work on your own and a lot of running uphill/down dale to place the camera lol
  11. Ohhh and a youtube clip of our short laning trip too ....
  12. Having a small selection of ex M.O.D. cookers ... 2 of No5 (propane powered 5 burner field cooker) 1 of No2 (petrol powered single burner cooker) 1 of No3 (petrol powered double burner cooker) And 1 No1 (petrol powered Jet engine) And having just sold a ex Swiss army Benzin Kocher (petrol powered 2 burner) I Bought one of these just before Xmas .... Had chance to light it the other night (now the weathers getting warmer ) And it's fun fun fun :D
  13. Headed off out for a short trundle the other day and managed to grab a couple of pictures of my Landy and trailer ....
  14. Cheers for the welcomes .......... private mw ....Sadly not africa .......but north Wales stormin .......Well spotted ,not far from home (well about 10 mins drive ,and on the way the my other halves over the border in yorkcestishire ) airportable ......plan is to head towards returning to FFR spec ,though i am i think missing some bits even after i have scavenged the spares motor that mine came with thanks again folks
  15. Evening folks .... having not long owned a series 3 109 FFR ,it's time i said hello i guess ..................so HELLO , I have owned a swb series 3 for a while ,and having decided that i was short for space to carry the missus ,and our dogs around ,i decided to look for a 109" to provide supplemental space .A short search later and i am the owner of a ex mod 109 ffr (not much of the ffr stuff remains (but i am aiming to rectify that issue over time :cool2:) served for the first few years of its life in N.I. and at some point in life had VPK fitted ,going off the amount of extra holes in the bodywork .I am already a member of the EMLRA ,and am in the process of trying to find a bit more info about the vehicles role during its service life so that i can hopefully try to return it towards what it would have looked during service at some point ............. Anyway ..........pictures ......(hopefully :blush:) Bear in mind tis a work in progress though ............Ifor and truck cab have gone ,tilt back on ,and wingboxes antennas replaced :blush:
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