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  1. There is so much confliction on removing the ethanol , I had been considering this just for my small engines. Yet there is other opinion on the internet (I don't know how 'expert' those for and against) that when you remove the ethanol - you also remove other chemical additive traces and end up with a "petrol" that will do more damage than if you had let the ethanol remain.
  2. I have Robin , Briggs & S. + Honda with metal tanks - I normally just heavily dose at Autumn with Quicksilver stabilizer (Mercury outboards) , if I drain the metal tanks , then I leave cap off to let the petrol vap off and then just give the interior a good blast with the WD40 straw, spring - I just fill with petrol and fire up & go.
  3. I have Lightweights 40KC74 and 40KC88 , still left-hookers , both supplied 1985 to Ord. Depot Antwerp , both returned to UK 1994 to PWO (Prince of Wales Own) at York - where they drove around until MVSL for disposal Dec. 1997 One has a double window hood ( both sides ) & one a window hood with 'glazing' only at UK offside. I also have LWT 92KA58 (originally LHD) although KA (first year of Tri-Service) was only RAF - sent to RAF Laarbruch , back to RAF Marham Supply Sqn. 1991 , disposed at ADT (BCA auctions , IIRC British Car Auctions @ Manchester). This originally had a double side glazed hood .
  4. If the nomenclature plate is missing & Contract No. : unknown , then it is possible given the actual chassis No. to zero in to the Contract No. (this tells how exactly the Rover was built up from parts (numbers). You need to place the Chassis No. into the Chassis No. "Range". You can see where a Hi/Lo plate is missing from the bulkhead - in addition this plate would have been marked with the all important chassis No.
  5. AFAIK even in 1956 , the speedo was in same hole for RHD & LHD.
  6. Very - possible , because the main shifter is RHD cranked.
  7. ruxy

    Tool hunt

    I have 2 or 3 beryllium copper combi spanners in handy sizes but hardly use them, the ring & jaw sizes are a bit clumpy in comparison to CV steel. Earlier this year I purchased a BC lump hammer 1kg with a 14" handle , absolute fraction £ of the full price, the Ebay seller had a few , by time I decided to purchase another they had all gone ! Bit harder than a Thor No.2 copper but softer than a proper builders lump hammer , handy for knocking tight brake disc off that you wish o re-use.
  8. Read on , it seems 86" fitted with a NEMAG , specifics and why ? possibly only available in mph ? http://www.magnetic-speedometer-repair.com/the-odomerter.php
  9. Is it a NEMAG speedo head ? I don't know about S1 86" time line but some military S2A contracts had them & Km or Miles Hr. would hardly matter. I don't think the Bowden drive heads were dual. A case of KISS for squaddies - probably they just marked the glass with a red line ?
  10. See here - click on SEE MORE , S1 panels there will be 86" time-line here but most MPH , probably most are from civvy Basic spec. https://www.lrsoc.com/web/d-a-s-h-p-a-n-e-l-s/
  11. Miles to Km speedo heads - was aprox. 1980 , AFAIK for all British military Land Rovers (but have not checked the parts books) , looking at the spoke steering wheel - that would indicate manufacture prior to 1967.
  12. ruxy

    Tool hunt

    But your shifter is not of beryllium copper ?
  13. Going back a few years - ISTR that armoured vehicles were disposed of to selected scrap dealers & that was the arrangement - scrappage. Just that some seemed to be passed on to MV collectors.
  14. The 109" has an extra 4/5" for sliding seat, compared to 88" , so a 88" Rover 8 FFR is what you should be looking for as survivors greater in number. Details will be same shunt to twin-ammeters.
  15. 1967 , is it a Rover 9 or 11 ? Have a look on Ex-MLRA , I think the blog by GAVFOZ - his was a Rover 11 and I think FFR, lots of photographs - may be something. More S2A Toastie types 88" Rover 8 - by such as John Hughes , Stivvy, Nils and one or two more. I think you would have to contact and request specifically what you need. A LWT Rover 1 / 2A FFR would hardly be much different , I once stripped off flex. conduits from a 109" to swop over to a LWT and was surprised they were same lengths/identical around the shunt box.
  16. https://www.winwaed.com/landy/mil/military.php http://www.land-rover-lightweight.co.uk/Images/Electrical/rover1 24Av.jpg Have a look at the Winwaed site for some 109" specifics. For 109" (non-transistorised) , a early LWT diagram with 'twin-ammeters' will not be far away from what you want. I normally work around what is the nearest available.
  17. They look as if misplaced chills or chaplets.
  18. I remember a hydraulic moulding press made by Daniels where the hydraulic ram cylinder sprayed the machine shop with a mist of Shell Tellus. A new cylinder was ordered and fitted. I then with a sledge smashed the original cylinder , the wall thickness was 2" + & oil had tracked through the CI abt. 2 feet before escape to outside. On a thin water jacket like this , similar porosity problem - so I drilled to investigated , luck was in and I used the smallest taper plug (with threadlock) - it was only 1/8" BSP , I would probably have gone up as far as 3/8" BSP. After a few years - I ground off the square head and painted over - invisible repair at £ zilch cost. Devcon on similar CI recip. pump crankcases & engine casings - the norm if not extensive.
  19. My £ bet , would be that if John Attlee 3rd Earl - reads this then he would make no comment.
  20. You couldn't make it up ! 80 years the nutter Geoffrey Pyke of the 'Pyke's Uphill Rivers' project and Habbakuk project , a 2.2 million tons displacement aircraft carrier (x50 the displacement of a battleship) - made from frozen Pykrete (sort of a frozen woodchip) - a prototype was built in Canada. Pyke's fast armoured snow vehicle for northern Norway - apparently led to the M-25 Weasel. Pyke for his efforts was paid just over £30 per week, that during WW2 was absolutely ££ top $ for a unknown deep thinker (but he was a crony of Churchill's cronies) , put it all down to inflation and out of 10 + totally barmpot idea - you might just get something that both works and is serviceable under the battle conditions it was intended for, there again AJAX could just be lots of £££££ funny money for the few.
  21. AFAIK - you just have to ask the RAF Museum , no need for a formal FOI (like with Army Vehicle) and RN would be a real problem in any case as they re-cycle the VRM. IIRC - does not this RAF Museum person who does the search attend this forum in his civvy hat ?
  22. From 01/01/1983 the vehicles were Tri-Service , so green fleet could be allocated to Army, RAF or RN . Tri-Service started with VRM of KA - so it would be plated --KA -- ??KA??
  23. I have just a few books on WW1 & WW2 - on the eastern front , written in English by people of Polish origin , I think the only books same but Russia are by Victor Suvorov - same problem to me , when you are reading along if these strange names & strange place-names don't register in my brain , then I have great difficulty to absorb the book.
  24. Many Polish surnames end in ki (Sikorski) - it always sounds more Russian to me , but with Russian & Austro/Hungarian empires & 'pale of stttlement' - could be all sorts of origins. The words were always the same if Poland was mentioned , Zacky would pull my arm and whisper in an ear - Tony , Poland is Catolik !
  25. How history is lost , for 5 years I worked alongside a man who was then a machine tool recon. fitter. His name was Fred Zak , he was only known as Zacky . I don't know - you never asked , was Fred his real name ? was his surname Zak or Zack , was either a abbreviated longer Polish surname ? He was attributed with 3 tours , I don't know how this was calculated Polish / RAF I suppose. I understand he was apprenticed with Polish air force , he did airframe/engine , he was a part trained pilot . A ex-pit fitter (uncouth , who got by without technical college) one day tried mirth , it started with Zacky's spelling of "fibra washers" & then more or less that he should not have been present. I tore strips off the pit-fitter as Zaky was officially charge-hand fitter (he had moved north with the firm mid-1960's from Harmondsworth) & he should show more respect to his 'superior' . Knowing that if he got up from the card table & struck me he would be sacked. I could have asked Zacky lots , I didn't - only twice did he mention WW2 , that afterwards he went home to Poland 1p.a. to see his mother and that he had been a Lancaster rear gunner and was most surprised that it was never his turn to be hosed out of the turret and that it was his choice to re-muster as aircrew (this was soon after the incident)..
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