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Clean Tyres

robin craig

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Tyre paint. It's black & rubber based. I did have some military rubber rejuvinator/preserver fluid. I think that was somewhat hazardous, it seemed to perk the tyres up nicely but it was short lived as I drove the Pig over the can & it all flowed away >:(

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Tyre paint just reminds me of dodgy second hand car fronts,where it was applied to crap cars. Try and clean the side wall with autoglym rubber and vinyl cleaner. Then apply turttle wax wet/black or turtle wax nanotech tyre gel.


This is what i use prior to entering a car in to a show.

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dont think i would recommend old brake fluid!


Actually I've heard of old brake fluid being suggested before as a way of preserving rubber and stopping it cracking/ drying out etc... Obviously need to be pretty careful round the paintwork but I used it briefly on some suspension bushes and it seemed to work. Then I got bored and gave up !!

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