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    Same here in Canada, a tow-truck stole my trailer that had the wheels chained, thy just lifted it but left marks on the pavment.
  2. Try a marine suply, I have a charger that has 4 leads and can charge each batery with 10 amps, it is better to charge both bateries separatly than using a 24 volt charger. My charger is fully automatic and can be mounted permanetly conected. It is a Guest, charge pro.
  3. Mine is biger than yours
  4. Just remember, cleaning steel with any kind of acid(vinigar etc) or sand blasting not only remouves the rust but also metal. Electric derusting only removes paint and rust, that is what I am using and it is far more enviromental friendly as the waste water can be used on your lawn and plants as a firtalizer. Check out my entries on the FWD regarding this subject. pre ww2 vehicles

    1942 Ryan

    Thanks, have a lot more
  6. picture no 3 is Old Kingsbury Aero Drome. Pic. no2 is Steve Freeman
  7. The Nash quad was formely the Jeffrey Quad, later Nash was bought out by Oskosh that was founded by William Besserdich a co founder of the FWD.
  8. I insaled a 7" one in my Motor Home but wired it as a rearview system as the side mirrors did not give me a good view , I got mine through Amazone for $ 75.00
  9. To bad we cannot watch the whole episode
  10. Loved that show, hope the new series uses the same actors
  11. We just recevieved piston rings for our FWD, quick service I must say
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