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  1. It looks like a 4 ton Diamond T 968 Cargo, which raises a question, were The British Army equipped with Diamond T 968's, I know they had 980's and 969 Wreckers, but I cannot recall seeing any pictures of DT Cargo Trucks. Did The US Army have these Trucks in England, or were they delivered direct to Normandy after D Day from The US. Tony.
  2. Antony

    WW1 Howitzer

    Mr. Rackham has not indicated a price he is looking for so far, it was missing the 'trail', wheels and barrel, we made the 'trail', and wheels, which were based on the hubs which were a WW2 adaption, and the barrel is from a WW2 155mm howitzer.
  3. Antony

    WW1 Howitzer

    Thanks for the suggestions, but who is Ralph Lovell? Tony.
  4. Antony

    WW1 Howitzer

    The owner of The Howitzer wishes to sell it, and as it is such a unique and rare piece of equipment, I wonder if anyone can suggest where it can be advertised, I will suggest to him to try Milweb, but was wondering if there might be any outlets in The USA. I would have thought there might be some collectors over there who may be interested. Tony.
  5. Hi Barry, Could you let me know the details of the book from which you took the picture of the Tiger being driven through Southampton please, because my friend Ray Clark believes the driver is his father Stanley. Ray said his father had driven Tiger 131 through several towns in the country to show the general public a German Tank, possibly to raise morale, or was it to raise money? I would be interested to hear other people opinions. Tony.
  6. The Howitzer was not sold with The Holt Tractor at Paul Rackham's tractor sale, and is available now. Mr. Rackham's office telephone number for serious enquiries is, 01953 717176 Tony.
  7. There are other things I would like to know, but I will wait and see if you post the answer before I ask the question!! Tony.
  8. Yes Mike you are correct, another senior moment on my part!!!
  9. Hi Richard, I fitted one of these engines into a Diamond T Wrecker last year, which so far seems to be a success. I put the original DT gearbox on to it but had to change the clutch housing to the larger SAE 3 fitting which meant finding the larger flywheel, clutch, and starter motor. My question is, having retained the original SAE 2 clutch housing and gearbox, how did you adapt the gear change which I assume was remotely operated? I had hoped to post some pictures of fitting the Cummins in to The DT, but have had problems with my computer and changed from Windows XP which was brilliant, to Windows 8 which to say the least has been a retrograde step and is crap. I have not been able to do half the functions I could do with XP, and posting pictures is one of them. Tony.
  10. I spoke to Howards wife Sharon today, and she said that Howard's condition has improved to the point of complaining about hospital food, so he must be getting better! I passed on everybody's best wishes, for which she asked me to thank everyone. Tony.
  11. Howard is very ill in Ipswich Hospital at present, we are all sending best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  12. Started flying training in 1974 at Ipswich Airport sadly now covered with houses thanks to the short sightedness of Ipswich Borough Council, gained my PPL in 1976, flew several aircraft types to destinations mainly in the UK but a few trips into continental europe, and finished flying in 1996 mainly due to shortage of money. A PPL is for life, and if I had enough money and the inclination I could revalidate it.
  13. Daryl Copeman's Federal and Roy Baker's Autocar at Long Melford Vintage Rally today.
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