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I spoke to Carl and he sent me the following pictures.


It all looked a bit nasty at first in there but after cleaning all the gears, they were not too bad. The final drive gears are all fine. The single piece transmission has the facility to remove all the differential gears and steering brakes as a unit from the back of the houising. The three piece has to be dismantled entirely.





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Hi Adrian, cheers for posting all the pictures and information,


I was wondering why the US Army used M10's with the diesel engines in the ETO after they dismissed the M4A2, due to possible problems with fuel supplies.


And also do you know any of the wartime history of the M10?


Thanks for an excellent thread,



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No history I'm afraid, all markings had been erased.


Must be wartime bureacracy then:cool2:


Shame there is no history or markings underneath the paint, I guess you have the serial number so you know the US Army number and the British 'T' Number?

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Maurice thank you for those pictures of your power train.

It's very interesting the way you used to go up your parts.

When you've finished up all standing, the power train without the final drive, how much weight the power train?

I do not know before, you have an M4A4 sherman too?:beer:

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Adrian Barrell

Not even that....



Hi Adrian


Another question to get clarification on the Serial number T number and Post 1948 registration numbers **ZS** thing.


Are the Serial number from the towings lugs not recorded on the Bovington Vehicle cards? Or is it a case of trawling through all the vehicle cards in the hope of finding a serial number, but not in any sequence?





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As an answer to Supertrack , I never put the whole drive on a scale , but the 4 ton Forklift (not on the pictures) is strugling (its like power steering if I lift the driveline)

there even goes about 160 liters of oil in the whole thing , so that has to be added to the weight as well in the end.

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