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What did santa bring you?


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A Radio controlled Dalek, which my dog hates, and some Dad's Army DVDs and books.


My Christmas this year was dominated by my Grandaughter Elizabeth as it is her first Christmas, and was spoilt for presents by all.

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Every year I ask NOT to be given anything. But none the less I got given things of limited practical use which I have in effect had to pay for.


My present to me was a LCR meter, which is meter for measuring inductance, capacitance & resistance. I had previously achieved this with separate devices based on a Wheatstone bridge. But this thing is much easier to use.


Although it is common knowledge that most ignition coils have a resistance of 3 ohms, I now see they have an inductance of about 12 mH (milli Henry).


Of more significance perhaps is that the total capacitance for an individual plug & its HT supply on a B Series engine is nearly 300pf. That is where some of the HT goes in a screened system - charging up that capacitance!


Of slight relief is that the equivalent reading on the Shorland is 200pf. But that is not good as the Shorland is a 12v system unlike the B Series that, although it runs at 12v, is supplied with 24v via resistance that helps offset the effect of the inductance in the coil.


BTW has anyone measured the inductance of the HT winding? I can only read up to 20H on this meter & most of them have 20H as the upper limit.

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A Satnag (google it :evil: ), a box set of season 1 NCIS, and I've yet to find out what the other half has got for me - I get to see her after new year (long Distance relationship).


Mind you, I got my own back for the Satnag. Gave my Brother-in-Law a set of camo golf balls, as he mentioned once that he's always losing his :rofl:

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Got a very nice collection of original wartime Jersey newspapers from the German occupation from mum n dad. The spin and propaganda from the occupied papers is facinating to read


I remember seeing a large collection of these for sale in a collectors shop in Jersey several years ago but left them in the shop and when I returned having decided to buy them the shop was closed and I returned home empty handed and the next time I was in Jersey last may I returned once more hoping they might still be there only to find the shop had closed down and become an ironing service, oh well better luck next time

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