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  1. so.. the oil is finished and all cone's are painted red. all grease nipple got a little bonnet. that looks very nice
  2. is the hispano not the same like the oerlikon 20mm? do you know the hispano triplet gun (-; `? not mine...
  3. It's a swiss army haflinger. manufacture year was 1962 and was still in service since 1990, then buys him my father. we buys him a new top too it have a lot little parts , those needs the most time...
  4. all-around new grease. new gearbox oil, engine oil and new differential oil (-; new fuel pump and fuel filter, new spark plug.. new oilfilter..
  5. monday we started with the fitting (-; the engine cover we welding new tube's inside. the old were bent. the side sheets are new too
  6. my fathers best friend is tinner and he make a bit work. but the haflinger don't have a lot rust. (-;
  7. we wash him 2-3 times . and a lot nailgun work for me and my brother
  8. hello after a long time i post a new restoration of my father, brother and me. my father buys the haflinger over 20 years and was always authentic. he must play on many meetings the transporter. also he was the car for my brother and me's firtst expirience in car driving(very long time a go ) (-; and now he have retirement very deserved :-) so we give him a restoration. but it was never us destination to have a haflinger that be nicer than after factory .
  9. i know the watd la france is still waiting .. :embarrassed: but the museum looks every saturday better (; and for all gmc fans around the world hehe http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8QFTO7-w6M
  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZSQIwZL7x0 m113 (;
  11. they have the tiger since 4 years and nothing is going... when we have this little tiger he's runing up and down in this time
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