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Hello everyone,

My names Paul and I live in Scotland, I served with the Scots DG during the 70's on Chieftains in BAOR. Im unfortunately not an owner of any form of MV but have always had an interest, and do make military models. Im going through a phase of Great War model building just now, mainly because its such an interest period of MV development. Finding plans of vehicles is more time consuming than building but rewarding all the same.

I look forward to visiting this forum regularly and offering help anyway I can.

Thanks for reading this


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Welcome Paul, enjoy the mayhem. Well, I wonder sometimes if I might have been a lot better off sticking with models, currently musing over the vague idea of a model (in 1 / 1 scale) of a WW1 tank :whistle: Probably won't come to anything, but it's nice to dream :banana: :banana: :idea: :yawn2:

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Welcome Paul to the Fun house ...Pardon strike that ...welcome to the Club house where all kinds of interests are explored and new interests discovered ! We have modelers, bicyclist,WW1, WW2, post war and multi-national vehicle owners. It all goes together with O.D. Fever ;-) :-)

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