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  1. Sad to hear you can't make it guys and gals. I hope you get sorted and can make it for next year. Like others have said, I to will miss those pink wellies around the camp site. Just brightens the start of the day up. Stay good and hope to catch up with you all sometime during the year.....
  2. Cheers Neil, I had a thought it was on here somewhere. Tony
  3. Sorry guys, must read more before posting.
  4. Just had this site posted on the PM forum and thought I would share it with you all. I know this is not a model site but just take a look. AA do do a 1.35 scale but this is great. Just scroll down and have a gander 1.24 scale FV622. http://www.kitformservices.com/tq.html Tony
  5. Directions for camp site. West bound M3 come of at junction 8 onto A303, Strait on for about 25 MLS till you approach Countess round-a-bout, take the third exit onto the A345 Devizes, follow road for aprox 1m till you hit next round-a-bout, take first exit of and follow road through Larkhill Garrison, drive strait on till you find Fargo camp on your left, about 1 & 1/2 mls on you will see Rollestone to your right, Directions for camp site. South bound M5 Gloster Junction 11A, take 417 to Swindon, cross M4 A346 to Burbage, take A338 signed Salisbury follow road to Tidworth, drive through Tidworth for 5 MLS passing Shipton Bellinger on your right, drive under the A303 and you come to a rounder-a-bout, take 3RD exit of and get onto the A303 then follow directions above. Vehicles coming in from Dorset will need to get onto the Salisbury road and then to Stone henge. I will post the post code for the Bustard in for all SATNAV user's soon.
  6. Don't you believe it Dave, a lot of stranger things go on on the the ranges mate. Have seen all sorts of wacky things on the ranges in my time. A young couple bouncing around in a pig is nothing mate.
  7. Paul that water pump is going to haunt you for the rest of your life mate, HEHEHE. Neil could I post a few of your vids onto the Plain Military forum mate? Baz I think we are going to be ok with maps, Many thanks for the offer. Tony
  8. Giz, The 12x12 will be of great help as a command post. I am just starting to go through what maps I have to see if we have enough. If you have any mate please bring them along. Thanks for your help. Tony
  9. Westdown have no knolege of this 4X4 weekend, They have told me that if anyone outside the group tries to park on the area we have the rights to send them packing. I have also been in touch with Chris at Land Marc and he will be watching every move they make...If all else fails, maybe a bit of monster truck action with the Stollys
  10. Like I say Neil, if they haven't got a licence to be on the area over night, by law they are breaking the Provisions of the Military lands act 1892. I will contact Westdown first thing in the morning and find out weather they are just passing through. I know Dave next to the Bustard lets his garden out to 4X4 clubs, this isn't a problem with me. The problem is where are they parking there vehicles. At the end of the day that area is ours, we have payed for the licence and nothing has been said to me about anyone else being there........... If I remember rightly, the first Plain Invasion weekend we had a load of 4X4s turn up on the car park......... Tony
  11. Roy was hopeing to have the new room ready by May. As for the 4X4 I have not been told anything about this event in the area so I need to check this out. Not sure where they are parking cos Plain Military are booked in area 12 that weekend. No licence, no parking.......
  12. Paul you do know all tracked vehicles will have to stay static mate. West Down won't permit the use of any tracked movement......Sorry
  13. Just a quick heads up, The licence will be dropping through the letter box any day. PLI is almost sorted, just need to check the small stuff. To date we have 60 vehicles + 4 Motorbikes coming this year. If you thought the convoy was good last year just wait till this lot hit the tracks. All routes are well in the planning stages and even though we are haveing a few glitchs trying to get the DTA we have a back-up plan. More later guys. Tony
  14. Neil, the wages are $*&, the food isn't much better and as for the hotel, well the least said about that the better...........
  15. In a way I agree with the fact that MR Kemp could put young mens live on the line, but not so. After spending a few weeks over the last year Photographing MRXs on the ranges, media peeps are inbedded with the troop training. Prior to Ross being sent to Ganny he spent a bit of time on the Plains getting to know the Reg he was attached to. I was asked last month weather I would like to go out to Camp Bastian for a three week tour taking pictures of the next Regiment due out......... It was a big call for me and turned it down in the end. Most folk think I am barking but at the end of the day I have far more important things this end to think about. WIFE, WORK and I'm scared of flying.
  16. Not since the battle of the bean field mate. 300 riot cops giving some hippys a un-called for slap. If you want we can turn the tape recorder up to 7, nowt like living dangerously mate. Sorry only have Buddy Holly, will that do?
  17. Ash don't say that, Chris and the rest of the range staff we be round riffleing through your caravan looking for lurchers and other furry critters HEHE. Looks as we are going to have to get the bronze green paint out again and paint your Caravan to look like some sort of Military vehicle........
  18. Was thinking the same thing there Chris.....................More for us.
  19. I have just read what I posted, It's been a long day. What I was trying to say is, the locals get twitchy see civvies running around the place with guns. Even though we have green vehiles and look military we still have the law and locals to think of. It's bad enough on the ranges with the local pikey community turning up on the Plains with shooters, crossbows, dogs and caravans, sorry Ash.......... What we are trying to do is show West Down camp we are not just another group giving the range staff the run around. The lastest news from WD is the wet weather ban is still on so lets hope it drys out a bit. Also the Wessex Warrior battle group is still booked to move sometime over our weekend so will try and get more info on this and get in a good view point.
  20. Just a quick reminder, anyone wanting to bring a vehicle and are not sure about driving can always use it for the Saterday stand-down display (SSD). All tracked vehicls will be static only unless authorised to move. The basic plan for Saterday is to get some of the local top brass to come over and have a look at what we are about and what we are trying to do. Also I have sent a few invites out to the local ACF groups to see if they would like to pop over for a few hours and have a look at your vehicles. I hope everyone is happy with this format but we are trying to win some hearts and minds from the local Regiments and alike, Also we can fleece the little blighters for some charity money. All this should be over by 2 oclock which will give us a bit of time to get packed and out for a drive before the big Skittles game. The drive will most likely be down to Greenlands camp or the Bombard area. This will give all convoy leaders a chance to get used to leading there groups on the tracks. Just one more thing anyone wishing to bring a gun for display must let me know so I can book it in just to save any problems rearing it ugly head. Any guns on vehicles must be covered while out on the ranges, some locals get a bit twitchy seeing gangs of guys woundering around with weapons.
  21. Anything will do OOEC25, I will be bring a AK47, M16 and SA80 rep.
  22. Just thought I would test the water, we were talking last night and have come up with an idea. On the Saterday morning during the stand down and visit, anyone with a gun of any type may be able to desplay it. what we are going to try and do is get permission to set up a table/s and put a selection of weapons out for VIPs and cadets to have a look at. I will speak to West Down today just to see if they will allow us to get our weapons out for display on MOD land. So if you have a gun and would like to show it of weather it's SA80, bren, 50cal anything let me know and I will put it down as a static display.
  23. Nice one Paul will have you on with Pig ASAP. Your name is also down for leading a convoy.
  24. Convoy leaders are as follows. Ashley with Niqqi as commander will be leading group ALPHA ChrisG with Andy as commander will be leading group BRAVO Yogi with Pete as commander will be leading group CHARLIE Sean101 with Mick as commander will be leading group DALTA Champ Phill with Lee as commander will be leading group ECHO DaveP and myself will be leading group FOXTROT Once again, West Down have again asked me to let you all know that under no circumstances must anyone drive over SSSI, Nesting sites or Danger area's. These sort of activity will be dealt with by Range staff and the Police. Once they have finished with you then you will be asked to leave the ranges. Sorry guys but rules are rules and if we want to keep this gig we need to stick to them.
  25. Stop winding the poor guy up you rotten lot, salisbury Plain is a flat as a pool table. No pot holes and all water will be mopped up prior to the event. HEHE Like it has been said many times before, this event is something different and will need some damanding driving, we would not take any of you to any places we think would damege your vehicles or yourselves. Jack not getting scared are we HEHE. Due to the amount of vehicles for this year, convoys will be split with VCPs put in place. I think Range control would have a fit if they saw 50+ vehicle convoy snaking it's way around the place. The routes are very much sorted and VCPs are now in place. Vehicles will travel in packets of ten so start grouping if you wish. This should be fun and more will be put to you on the weekend. Like I have said on the PM forum, Saturday morning will be static because we have some interest from locals wishing to come over and have a look at you. At the end of the day the locals are normally used to seeing Challenger2s, Warriors and many other modern vehicles, not classics. We have a radio station hopefully coming over for a walk around and talking to some of you, so Rambo behave yourself HEHE. All we ask from you is that you come and give it a go, we know this is not for everyone but if you don't try it you will never know. Hope to see you all soon. Tony
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