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Great Dorset Steam Fair Cancelled again for 2024

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  • Nick Johns changed the title to Great Dorset Steam Fair Cancelled again for 2024

Sad but I suspect the combination of Health & Safety and Insurance is a big factor.

Increase the ticket price significantly in real terms and the number of visitors will drop. Even just index-linked many have significantly less disposable income. GDSF is not Glastonbury that is sold out despite the £355 ticket price !!!

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In a statement, organiser Martin Oliver said the festival was in a "desperately sad situation".

"The country is still gripped in the cost-of-living crisis and we do not believe that we can risk imposing a significant increase in ticket and camping prices without drastically reducing attendance at the event," he said.

The question, of course, is whether that's actually a correct assessment.  As noted above, it doesn't seem to be true for Glastonbury.  If people want to come to something badly enough, they'll pay.


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2 hours ago, sirhc said:

There is no cost of living crisis. Every town, city, shopping centre, bar and restaurant I’ve been in recently has been busy. It’s a crisis created by the media. 

You need to walk down the main-drag at Bishop Auckland  (Newgate Street)  LoL


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