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How many are there?

Tony B


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So the rebuild is for a library? :-D



Well funnily enough. My office space will just happen to double so I can have a central aisle of back to back bookshelves across the middle of the room. Whether I will be able to find anything more easily is another matter.


The dilemma is do I keep EMERs in their proper sequence, Army Code books in theirs etc or do I group together all publications of any sort that relate to a subject eg Rover, trailer, Humber etc publications together?


Like in a photo library do you put, say all ambulances in a group or file them under vehicle type? Now we are all digital I do both but with paper documents, don't have luxury of duplication.

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I say since the computer can pick up any publication or document in any listing or group you choose , depending on how you set up the search engine , the paper version should be in number sequence since thats the easiest for humans to sort by.

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the paper version should be in number sequence since thats the easiest for humans to sort by.


That's true, EMERs & AESPs have a structural logic & thats how I store them. The problem comes with WO & Army Code publications, there is no logical structure. It is vaguely chronological but not rigidly. Some are pocket size manuals, others are A4 or larger. So there isn't proper utilisation on of shelving if a lot of small books occupy large shelves for some larger books.


There is no defined grouping of subject matter & type of book (User Handbook, Illustrated Parts List, CES, Regulations, Vocabularies, Training etc) here are some sequences of publications:


Clothing Regulations

Regulation for Supply, Transport & Barrack Services

Visual Training

Unit Battlefield Counter Surveillance

RE reconnaissance Pocket Book

ISPL, Trailer, 1/2 Ton, Jointers, 2 Whld Mk 1

RAC Training

Field Engineering & Mine Warfare

Staff Duties in the Field


So no obvious pattern there. The way the Army catalogue them is to group them according to type ie User Handbook, CES etc. I tend to do it that way so that all the CES go together as these are generally large, User Handbooks together as they are usually small.


I have a very comprehensive database set up for me by Neil :bow: which is very good for in depth searches & checking what I have got. But it would be tedious to refer to that each time I want a book to get the WO/Army Code then find it. So what happens is that favourite subjects have all the different types of document together.


So there are shelves just for Humber, trailers, Series Rovers, 'Defender' Rovers, IR eqpt, animals, Regulations, VAOS etc. Then other stuff gets lumped together in era between WWs, WW1, pre-WW1. Not entirely logical but at least relevant stuff is altogether. When writing an article, as most research is from stuff I have got rather than libraries, it has been extremely annoying to realise I have missed some good material by it being spread out somewhere else rather than lumped together in a subject.


So it may not be the best system & probably only appears to work by me remembering what stuff is where. That of course is about to change when I move into the larger room & everything has to get re-shelved.


Yes I know I could scan it all & shuffle it around in any way that takes my whim. But that would be a near impossible task, besides experiencing the real document is the thing, the rusty paperclip, the crinkly page, the smell of damp paper, the scribbled ammendments, the well thumbed page... :rtfm:

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Ahhhhhh a true book or shall we say Paperafile , The ink on the finger tips the paper cuts , such are the hazards of working with the real documents , its not for the faint hearted......

As long as you can find what your looking for thats the only system you need to use.

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