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  1. Hi Adrian. No, the proposal is quite clearly a suggestion for a bored 6 pdr up to 2.75", not a sleeved 3". It was intended to be a direct swap for the 6Pdr in the 6pdr mounting. It compares the expected performance of it with the American 75mm in the proposal and this might have been the seed of the idea to slightly thicken the 6pdr tube and bore it for Sherman ammunition which resulted in the British 75mm which fitted the 6pdr mounting.
  2. Thanks for that. I am aware of the 8 per being tested but have seen paperwork relating to proposals for an 11 pdr and a 12 pdr (which might be the same just firing a longer/heavier shot) and one photograph hand captioned as a 12 pdr but those are poor evidence that the 12 pdr was actually built. The proposed bore was 2.75 inches by the way and it was based on a bored out 6 pdr tube which would normally be 57 mm.
  3. Hi. Does anyone have any information or pics of the Vickers 12 pdr anti tank gun (proposal?) from around 1942. Anything would be of interest.
  4. I am pleased I bought my copies years ago - as I recall I paid exactly 1/20 of current values, £10 or £15 each. (Did you realise that at least some of the extra papers with the Mk III book relate to the 17pdr SP, the Archer?) You don't have either a Mk IV or a mk VI/VII Valentine parts list do you? These are the only ones I am short of for the full set.
  5. Here goes! Imperial (feet, inches) of course.
  6. I think I have tracked down the info you need. I will (try) post later.
  7. When the virus is over, the Bovington Tank Museum Archives have full documentation and can supply photocopies. What are you looking for specifically?
  8. I have just bought and collected the Stalwart. Big job!!
  9. I know this may sound a bit odd but I usually work the other way round; show organisers tend to contact me and ask me to attend their show. I can't manage all requests maybe due to time or maybe travel costs but I try to agree to attend as many as I can (it is only a hobby after all!) It is very rare that I am actually looking around for a show to attend so if I haven't been asked then the question as to whether I intended to go or not doesn't arise. I have to say that I thought the Victory Show was an absolute cracker, pity it rained so much when I was there.
  10. No, haven't been asked to go to the Victory show I am afraid.
  11. I thought it was never left alone to be honest so there should have been someone about, pity you missed us!
  12. Yes, I have agreed to go to the Overlord Show. You going?
  13. Yes, that is what I was referring to. "Land" tanks are sometimes told to go for a specific distance on a particular compass bearing so to ensure accuracy, the turret is put into the straight ahead position and the compass adjusted for maximum accuracy but this is not the case with Valentine DD tanks. Their operational orders would be to attack a particular bunker etc, probably in view. The approach swim however was always done on a compass bearing and while swimming, the Valentine DD would have its turret reversed, hence my suggestion that the compass would be adjusted with the turret reversed
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