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Battery drain on a Series 3 Land Rover


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2 hours ago, MatchFuzee said:

Is it a battery that just can't hold a charge? To check, charge the battery, and disconnect from the Land Rover then check the voltage drop over a few days. 

Had one do that on a Shogun a couple of years ago, two year old reputable make battery checked out fine on an expensive battery tester, cold cranking amps were fine but would lose its charge over a week if not used. New battery fitted and all sorted.

An old Land Rover has very simple electrics, the main culprits to look for are any aftermarket gadgets or faults within the alternator. Easy way to find the issue is to disconnect a battery lead and connect a multimeter set at 10A in its place, then find what is causing a draw by pulling fuses and the alternator plug until the meter reads zero. Do not switch any circuits on while the meter is connected for obvious reasons.

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22 hours ago, ruxy said:

Series or parallel - always best to have a matched pair , purchased at same time , same brand, same capacity, batch - otherwise they will be fighting against each other in a effort to equalize.  Infrequent use - a discarnect is always best.

Indeed but as radiomike7 says above connecting batteries in parallel is best avoided.

If to power two different systems these should be isolated and a suitable split charge module fitted.

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On 11/13/2021 at 2:16 PM, LarryH57 said:

I've been told my mates LR is a Series 2A with two 12v batteries fitted in series, which I thought was a 24v FFR but apparently not? I'm seeing him on Monday, so will find out the set up but what does two 12v batteries do for a 12v vehicle?

They make everything go bang if they're connected in series!


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Why would you need two 12v batteries if it was a 12v vehicle? I think this person may have a 24v FFR, so batteries between seats, someone has changed the ignition system to a normal unscreened distributor and coil, but retained 24v for started, generator, etc. Running the ignition from one 12v battery. If so, bodge seems the operative word.

If it were a 12v Land Rover it would have one battery beside the engine, so where would the second battery be?

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So little info.   I had pondered on a adapted FFR , however it could be a civvy or military 12 volt with a 'split-charge' relay for winch / camper leasure battery etc.  Or even a S2A  civvy with a pair of 6 volt batteries in series (+ earth)  and IIRC they were not all diesels.

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