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  1. I have always used copper grease on wheels , slit rims brake levers and anything that I will strip or the next person strips. I use high temperature spray oil on exhausts . Lubrication make life easier.
  2. Thanks, I am interested in the hub parts, please could you give me a call, number is in first post.  Thanks

  3. I have a couple of boxes of NOS hub gears eg sun wheels ,I think annulus, 2 hub s planet holders bearings .I also have a box of various hub parts covered in grease old stock probably need cleaning. I have done a few centre bins for my Ferrets and friends Ferrets but they are a pain and use a lot of sheet steel and take about 2 weeks to do. If you are interested I will send you some pictures Laurence
  4. Thanks John and Clive thats a great help Its amazing your knowledge Clive Much appreciated Best regards Laurence
  5. Does anyone know what vehicle this relay fits to Thanks Laurence
  6. Good luck with the v5 if you are doing it yourself. DVLA will have you going around in circles. Get a club or MVT involved, save time , and effort. It is so hard now regards Laurence
  7. Hi Mike I thought I had Sold Them all but I have been diggingito my remote areas and found an ammo box with 60 shells. It is fortunate that you have contacted me as I was going to put them on HMVF in the next few weeks Pm me how many you want and details on my address
  8. The government today has said open air markets will be able to operate . This must be an open air market? Lets hope we can at least have an event this year and it is reconsidered to operate with some sensible care.
  9. Does anyone know if Dallas dig out is on for July
  10. I have had a lot of military vehicles .The champ is easy to maintain and is a superior vehicle to the land-rover in comfort , cross country, and looks. If the axles are checked for oil then they give very little problems. I run one for logging pulling 1.5 tons twice a week and have had little problems .I am at present restoring another one but this is a long job. Best get a good one,
  11. Hi I have had a good look I found a connector .I sold the large army toolbox with all my small parts inand put the pipesand othe bits somewhere? . They will turn up when I am not looking for them. Will this connector be ok? regards
  12. Hi I believe I have pipes connectors and regulator in my spares shed . I will have a look tonight . regards
  13. I have a few filters and dont know which vehicle they belong to. Iam wondering if anyone can help. rec ref N5083A151195813197 ROC No N5040A1511950002 element S /NO Description element DENON Lenght 17cm width 11cm centre hole 5cm make VOKES c6358256 /NO
  14. The champ owners club will give you masses of information and help get it road registered .:austinchampownersclub.com They are a great club
  15. I owned a Fox for many years and not only was it fast but for an armoured vehicle its acceleration was fantastic. When I was young and daft on rares occasion when various cars were impatient to pass at traffic lights I would surprise the owners at the speed of the Fox. I only tried once its speed and thought 70 mph was fast enough and ran it at 40-50mph. They were the sports care of armour all my ferrets were slow in comparison . I had a lot of fun in it but it needed respect on roundabouts and hidden ditches.The ferret looked so small in comparison but the Fox was cramped in the turr
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