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  1. The Polecat is now sold with loads of spares
  2. Must admit the picture of the wings would NOT pass the test of a man on a galloping horse passing by it. If its structural proper repairs by welding Thick plate is easier to weld but it must be very clean as alloy does not take prisoners ,Pay out the money and get a good welder
  3. Aluminium is difficult to weld and being thin old plate it is near impossible The best repair is to get alloy plate and rivet it on as it is not a main structure it will pass an MOT. Laurence
  4. Hi Robin. My email is tsltank@gmail.com Word of mouth seems to travel at the same speed as email Thanks Robin several people interested as it was ,but on reflection its worth more in parts and will be broken bit by bit over time I will Probably take the peak engineering turret off in the spring Regards Laurence
  5. There is a high demand for parts so I will break the vehicle for parts. Its no longer for sale as a rolling vehicle
  6. Yes it is road registered & took months to get I have it on HMVF classified, as a rolling exhibit with pictures I t will go on Ebay once they come up with a reduction in final sale fees . It has not yet been advertised but word of mouth travels at the speed of light. Laurence
  7. I am selling my cvrw polecat as a rolling braking vehicle. the engine has been sold and there is interest on the gearbox. It has 0nly done 132 miles so its almost new .I don't wish to scrap it at present but offer it as a non runner display /exhibit. It is a lot lighter and can be moved with a vehicle like a Austin Champ or loaded onto a tilt lorry for shows. I am open to offers over £5000 before its listed on ebay
  8. Hi Richard I Have decided to partly break the vehicle. The engine is sold, the gearbox has interest on it .The rest of the vehicleI would like to sell as a rolling ,steering ,braking unit. With it looking like a whole vehicle it could be transported to as a standing exhibit, It is a lot lighter without the engine and gearbox , I push it around with my champ so it could go on a trailer or as a display on a military lorry. It is open to offers on HMVF before I list it on Ebay
  9. Also try [ many landrovers ] on this site he has an engine Laurence
  10. Thanks Richard It may get me out of a hole Laurence
  11. Hi Richard When I pull the engine off the gearbox and looking where the fluid leaked from I found a hair line crack in the aluminium case. Once I investigated further and took off the cover it just broke in half .I have done lots of vehicles and have never seen this before, The fluid coupling just moves oil so I think it must have been a flaw from new in the alloy as this vehicle has only done around 153 miles, This was 293 of the 300 foxes made. and was at the tank museum 30 years ago
  12. I am pondering to sell my Fox polecat for spares . It has only done 153 miles road registered unfortunately it lost drive the fluid flywheel broke in half . At my age I dont want the hassel The Jaguar J 60 engine started ist time every time and like all the vehicle is almost new . there is a peak engineered turret with smoke launches.tyres still have the mould pips on them The gearbox is excellent and now is a rare item . If there is a keen interest this may be the rout i may take. I will appreciate comment on interest
  13. I owned a CVRW Fox for many years and replaced the engine and gearbox with new ones .the gearbox was probably the last one around as I have not seen them since. After selling it I got withdrawal systems .and managed to get a CVRW FOX POLECAT which is an amazing vehicle and has a peak engineered turret which takes the top heaviness away from the vehicle. It was No 295 out of 300 foxes made. There does not seem any problems with the vehicle and its only done 353 miles . It must have cost a fortune to build then it was sold off .
  14. Bit of an odd one for the forum I have a replica musket Its mostly cast alloy with realistic plastic wood. Looks good cocks and trigger closes . used as a toy or re-enactment / theater there is a small screw missing open to offers over £10 thanks Laurence
  15. Nice toy I am into vehicles that are impractical but fun to work on and drive. Keep on taking the tablets they help. Laurence
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