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  1. Bit of an odd one for the forum I have a replica musket Its mostly cast alloy with realistic plastic wood. Looks good cocks and trigger closes . used as a toy or re-enactment / theater there is a small screw missing open to offers over £10 thanks Laurence
  2. Nice toy I am into vehicles that are impractical but fun to work on and drive. Keep on taking the tablets they help. Laurence
  3. Thanks for your immense knowledge Richard Laurence
  4. I have this part/tool with my hub and gearbox parts .I have been told that it is to pull the buz bar back. can anyone help with the purpose. Thanks Laurence
  5. new old stock radiator still in bag felt pads over fins Pm me if interested
  6. I have steel and titanium used shell cases if anyone wants to fill there vehicle racks CVRT CVRW FOX etc. Pm me
  7. I thought I had sold all my Raden shells but on clearing out parts I found a mortar box with a 30mm steel radens and a bag of titanium raden shells. If anyone wants to fill there racks A single steel case will be £4 and 10 steel cases go down to £3 , 50 and over steel cases at £2 each The steel cases clean up well with a angle grinder wire brush Titanium cases are £6 each Post and Package is extra depending on weight
  8. ARE these what you need they fit Ferrets cvrw vehicles of that era . Dia-cast alloy
  9. Hi I have the metal cast domed light used I will be in the workshop today and will send a picture. Regards Laurence
  10. I have always used copper grease on wheels , slit rims brake levers and anything that I will strip or the next person strips. I use high temperature spray oil on exhausts . Lubrication make life easier.
  11. Thanks, I am interested in the hub parts, please could you give me a call, number is in first post.  Thanks

  12. I have a couple of boxes of NOS hub gears eg sun wheels ,I think annulus, 2 hub s planet holders bearings .I also have a box of various hub parts covered in grease old stock probably need cleaning. I have done a few centre bins for my Ferrets and friends Ferrets but they are a pain and use a lot of sheet steel and take about 2 weeks to do. If you are interested I will send you some pictures Laurence
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