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  1. Tons of info in this document: https://chobhamcommon.wordpress.com/ I fly RC planes on "Tank Hill" so am up there regularly, if you fancy an explore let me know....
  2. Bringing this topic back 9 years later, you guys using Ethomix have you had any issues since then or has everything run OK ?
  3. I know you will have read this but posting it just in case, have you tried to re polarise/magnetize the dynamo ? https://www.m201.com/dynamo/dynamo.htm
  4. Does it continue to run when you turn off the battery isolator switch ?
  5. Cherished insurance, give them a try.
  6. Yes the GPW serial number looks correct but I mean the stamping, format, raised edges etc, compare with this one which looks like all the other genuine rail stamps.
  7. Just spotted YXS885 that's for sale on eBay, it's a 3yr old restoration but I have not seen a GPW frame stamp like that, would I be right in thinking it's a totally new chassis and re-stamped to match the log book ? Triggers broom scenario 😁
  8. Just had a recent quote for a B60 kit... Assuming you are in the UK, the price is £309.96 plus 20% vat. Carriage is £8.50 plus 20% vat. Total is £382.15.
  9. Today involved changing my ferret oil, only had 12 & 14mm hex bits so just introduced the 14mm to the bench grinder and now it's a snug fit in the sump and the outer wheel stations. Used a drill pump to empty the majority of the sump via hosepipe and a shopping crate was easily enough under the rear and none went in my hair Mick !
  10. If you look on Milweb there are about 8 wartime jeeps for sale, prices are: £30K / £28K / £30K / £33K / £30K / £25K / £35K / £38K which averages out at £31K - just bonkers ! It's totally nuts but I do think you are right that people just follow suit and put them up for a high price as they have seen someone elses at that price. The Covid effect has inflated prices all over the classic market as everyone is spending their holiday money at home. No idea what price they are actually selling for but it's surely going up....
  11. Yes to reading manuals, been working my way through all the fluid checks etc. Might go electronic ign but will have a crack at keeping it original & well maintained first. I think the one I looked at and started this thread rotted for another year then I believe Nick Mead took it.
  12. Firstly thanks for all the advice back in 2018. I kept looking and it may have taken a few years but it was worth the wait. just picked this up, pretty much the same price as the Mk2/3 that I looked at back then but the condition of this is in a different league. Photo documented rebuild 7 years ago at John Dews however by now a few things need fixing as it's miss firing and not charging but all dooable, carb's already out for a clean 😀
  13. It's in the states for sale now, still full of bling 🤣 https://www.orlandoautomuseum.com/vehicles/3990/1964-daimler-ferret-mk-1-2
  14. Just putting the feelers out if anyone has an empty beavertail etc coming that way in the next few weeks ?
  15. One on ebay: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/M38-1-Willie-Jeep/274727122166
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