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I have a 1936 manufacture air raid siren not to be confused with the post war ones this came from a suffolk airfield control tower demolished in the early 1970s it is in great condition but is untested being 415 volts i will get it tested but at the moment it is untested it has been dry stored since 1972 this is the big one i have only found two others recorded one was at Hillingdon house and the other is in a museum in Filton in bristol  as said this is the big one it has a double rotor at both ends it weighs in at 13.5 stone in old money about 85 kilos so no lightweight £1200

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1 hour ago, Mk3iain said:

Well done !

If possible it would be nice to see a picture of it.


Why "evilbay" ?   It did you OK....😕

Hello Iain it gets a bit complicated but if you are interested i will try to explain there was a lot of interest especially from a collector of sirens in Toronto he tried many times to bid but they were always not allowed he contacted me and i spent over a week trying to sort it out with ebay and heard many reasons for the problem but in the end if you put "collection only"it turns out this is only available to UK buyers to sell abroad you have to put postage when you pay the basic postage to the ebay hub and then they take over and basically stick it up the purchaser this may well be okay if the item is small but with a large item its going to be a ridiculous amount basically they are not going to let it go to Canada even though the guy could arrange collection we both worked hard on it for over a week in the end i did really feel sorry for him MARK wiifire8 Toronto and me i am not very bright i can not do photos the siren was the same as the one at RAF Uxbridge Hillingdon house or the one at Aerospace museum filton  you might still pull it up on the ebay No 274387286819 and i sold my MK 3 10 Years ago how time flys Charlie

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I have a picture in my mind of a massive siren on a tower or building. I grew up near Lithgows shipyard in Port Glasgow and they used one for start and end of shifts. It could be heard for miles around.

ebay are a fantastic marketplace but in trying to protect from folk dealing outside their system they can sometimes make life bloody difficult.

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