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  1. I went to see her she has chassis number 17360381x x is unclear. But original. 86” 1956 lhd export model. Engine is 173607242 beginning is matching last bit is not can that be correct
  2. I think it is 144801008 will get proper number soon . If correct it is very early 2 58
  3. Can someone tell a bit more over landrover with chassis number 244081008 N1/BA
  4. My question comes that I don’t understand lhd with mph speedo and being army land rover
  5. Not seen yet will check beginning of oktober it is an early model
  6. Can someone tell me for which continent this lr was made. Milage Speedo in lhd army land rover
  7. Not so much drier but no oxyen gets to it like the vehicle from swamps in Eastern Europe
  8. Amszing condition after 75 year
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