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  1. Data plate is missing sadly but there is one screw left in place. Clips and remnants of grommets for cable run still exist along with 2 circular marks where the junction box and switch for the lights used to be.
  2. After buying a C8 and mortar trailer I find myself strangley drawn to the mortar trailer. Its rusty and bent but I've stripped it and have the frame on a trolley so I can move it about.
  3. Any idea what gauge the steel is OzH, I'm guessing at 10
  4. I have been reading your thread OzH. I think I have even more welding than you to do 😢
  5. That's great thanks. Lighting cable hole is present as you say, plus clips on the frame and remains of the convoy light.
  6. The hitch mounting area on my mortar trailer is looking a bit crushed as well as twisted. Was there originally a spacer tube between the mounting holes?
  7. I've learnt that I've a lot to learn on military vehicle restoration
  8. Does anyone know if the box on the mudguard is correct? Same goes for the 3 pairs of brackets on the inside of the trailer.
  9. It was a fantastic lorry and driver for sure
  10. Today I collected a Morris C8 GS, spare engine and mortar trailer. Been stood outside with no canvas on it for a while so there's a bit of work to do 😬
  11. Looking for C8GS front, side and rear canvas. Ive tried Frank Brown but he has a long waiting list.
  12. Hello everybody. I'll soon be collecting a Morris C8 Gs that needs some tlc. New to historic vehicle ownership so expect plenty of stupid questions. Ray
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