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  1. Not so much drier but no oxyen gets to it like the vehicle from swamps in Eastern Europe
  2. Amszing condition after 75 year
  3. I got a spare 2 pin power plug ZA6403 to swap for Three pin plug as on the R107 fits on two thick pins one thin pin.
  4. Looking for the following manuals for early dingo project please send pm if you have one or know where one is can swap for later manuals . kind regars peter hommes
  5. Well done ackack looks real great is it working??
  6. jwise1969@live.co.uk His email address
  7. You can order them by John wiseman as many as you like. Yes BSF
  8. Maybe the colar cell power something that is less simple
  9. I think by looking at it that it is a later axel most early axels are much Heavier made
  10. Delete the bad and Open door manual
  11. I hope the driver doesn’t under estimate the bridges ahead
  12. We did but due to big hole in the rims and rh thread the nuts tide on the hub not rim by braking not enough resistance on the nut so they cave lose while braking. Next you tide them even more and over stretch the bolt and finally they brake
  13. I know with mij humber box it went wrong. Due to to big holes in the lh side rims en rhd nuts never tide but before you know what the problem really is this happened
  14. I know the airborne garage for long time now, more or less round the corner so to say. Very reliable dealer
  15. I got an unknown set of new brake drums anyone can tell me which vehicle . Two with big stud hole and two with smaller stud holes also an unusual number of holes ???
  16. Good condition a spitfire tr1196 radio for sale 750 gbp ono, Complete but not tested
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