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  1. Apologies Steve just seen your message, here's one item, the rest you can see in 'See other items'. I do have a spare hitch but not listed currently. WW2 British Army Military 10cwt Airborne Trailer Wheels #1 Item number: 303022372686 Cheers Colt
  2. I have all this stuff including frame, will be on ebay next week. Colt
  3. The same type of trailer just sold has a rear compartment door and the view of trailer expert Louis (who's friend bought this) is that this was for a generator set so that it could be accessed easily. He has a picture of a wartime chassis plate for this type of trailer and thinks they were re-plated post war but retained the low 5 digit chassis number. He feels this was a wartime chassis with a late war or early post war body (Not to add fuel to the general obsession over war/post war question!) Simon mentioned the British Army Data Book of Wheeled Vehicles including a 6kv generator on the standard 10cwt chassis used for GS, mortar and DF trailers. I believe this is that type of trailer.
  4. Still working my way around it but seems ok to me. I am pretty sure its just a matter of time and it will bed in ok, change is always stressful for many. I dont visit nearly as frequently now though like another comment above.
  5. Test using Richards method from your pc file not a hosting option. Success!!
  6. The Missile is part of a display so sooner or later someone may decide to be awkward. I have opened up the warhead to show its empty and will do my own cert. Thanks.
  7. Hi Folks, Where can one obtain an FFE certificate without paying silly money please? Its for an inert missile which I know is FFE but I'd prefer to have a certificate. Thanks Colt
  8. What a mess and very sad. At Stoneleigh 2 weeks ago as far as I could tell there was no difference to a year ago ie - all specs were being sold Business as usual. I did notice some new spec Thompsons with a tiny blob of weld holding the magazine in place, looked utterly ridiculous.
  9. Makes perfect sense, keep us posted on updates.:-)
  10. A friend sent me this link to an upcoming MV auction in Belgium https://www.troostwijkauctions.com/uk/military/01-24073/ Online sale of GMC, Willy Jeep’s, Diamond, DAF, Dodge, Ward LaFrance Military trucks; Frauhauf, Ben Hur trailers; large quantity of parts on behalf of stakeholder
  11. Great work Ron I really like these 2 pounders and theyre hard to come by. Whats the wheel stud arrangement as it looks like 6 stud similar to British trailers? I supplied some 'easy clean' wheels to a friend restoring one and I'm sure they were 5 stud Morris wheels. I know they came with solid wheels also. Carleton
  12. Great news we love the old Hop Farm venue. Can it become great again? I really hope so. https://warandpeacemagazine.com/great-news-war-peace-revival/
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