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  1. I have tombstone can mounts and grenades boxes
  2. when you get into the finishing parts I have grenades boxes and flare boxes plus tombstone can holders which you will need for the inside and you can make a copy from. I’ve just sold my maxson quad and guns to a mate and I know the quads yours on about in France if you need help with fixing yours when you get it give me a email, they are quite complicated units.
  3. Ah was it that one on milweb which was stripped down, looked an interesting project
  4. What halftrack have you got then ? I’ve seen your wanted thread, did you find one in the UK ?
  5. No, this COVID 19 business has made me realise that having many military vehicles is a strain and I cannot drive them all. I’m down scaling to enjoy the simpler things.
  6. Yes, I am selling up all of my military vehicles, this my gmc, weasel, jeep, flea and most of my original weapons including quad 50 and live rifles
  7. Lovely little bits adding to the overall WD look, Folding pegs and kick starter.
  8. No I’ve not heard of that book, I shall take a look and try and buy one. Thanks
  9. If you want a good replica then give Chris Golding a call, I have several of his and you won’t find better in the UK.
  10. Yes totally agree, I know of several vehicles some military others not, that are just sitting and will so say never be sold.
  11. And a lovely person sent me some reading material in the post! cheers
  12. little drive out today! IMG_6747.MOV
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