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  1. I remember the world being awash with ex civil defence Gypsys in the 1970s. My father almost bought a delivery mileage ' Police Column' one. This was a blue lwb with side windows. Instead he bought a diesel Land Rover lwb Station Wagon which was a disaster as a caravan tug. Hardly had enough power to pull itself around and he was distinctly unimpressed!
  2. Possibly but unlikely. But as LR's have a high survival rate in comparsion with other vehicles it may be still around. Identifying it would be main problem unless anyone has researched and published its history. Craig
  3. A possibly Canadian Alvis Salamander featuring in a current TV series ' Tales from the Loop' https://www.imcdb.org/vehicle_1370805-Alvis-Salamander-Crash-Tender-1958.html
  4. It's an interesting concept which seemed to get some use post war on tippers. see link- https://historicengland.org.uk/images-books/photos/item/JLP01/08/010235
  5. Gotta expect some rivet counting on a Military Vehicle forum 🙂, I thought the programme was great drama and don't mind a few rogue vehicles . However as this is a rogue vehicle thread- this monstrosity appeared ( briefly fortunately to right of 1st pic ) looks like it may be an early Unimog badly disguised as a CMP.
  6. I know it is a a Matador. My original post said it could have been fitted with a TANK from a QL, AFAIK Matadors 4x4 were only supplied as Medium Artillery Tractors plus a relatively few flatbeds for the RAF. Though of course in the field many conversions took place.
  7. Take your point on aerials , but adds to the dramatic effect 😀
  8. AFAIK there was no such a thing as a Matador 4x4 refuelling tanker in service? Looks like a Bedford QL tank. Agree Germans used a lot of captured vehicles , especially in the free flowing desert war.
  9. A few more 'Rogue Vehicles' on this axis airfield-
  10. Lots of new wave music in it but should have had 'That's Entertainment ' on the soundtrack .
  11. After watching series note that the leading vehicles in opening convoy sequence are pretty much all the 'Brit' trucks used throughout in various guises and locations. Leading vehicle is a Humber 8cwt followed by two CMP 3 tonners first with an oh so desert war early cab , second has a strange cab with sloping back windscreen which makes it very obvious in back scenes in various locations. Then there is a LRDG Chevrolet disguised with canvas cab and tilt , then another Humber 8cwt , then two Bedford MWDs , then another LRDG Chev in disguise then lots of REO 6X6s. Craig
  12. Aagh (as they say in the Victor ) Ep.5 a convoy of postwar Reos prominent in dock scenes, why not use some of the CMP s they have with German markings. Would have been very prototypical as they used so many captured vehicles. Craig
  13. Seems to be a marmite show that has polarised opinons, it is the same with the press reviews. I liked it obviously! Craig
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