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Austin 8 AP tourer


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I recently bought a austin 8 ap tourerI search for its restoration the original military wheels and other parts. I also search for épave 8 or 8 hp apif you have it for sale do not hesitate to contact me

thank you


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Hi David, and Welcome. (-:


You might want to say where you are, I guess Seine-Maritime, France?


It's nice to see such a very British vehicle being restored in France, do you have any photographs?


To explain to others reading your e-mail, épave means wreck.


I cannot help with parts, but I do wish you luck.





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I don't speak French! But no it's not mine, and I have no more room for one. Mine is an Austin Tilly. But as I said before, it would be good for you to contact the "Tilly register" if you haven't already. They will include pictures and stories of your restoration and there could be help and parts offered. Ron

Tilly 09 002.jpg

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I always serch road wheels for my Austin


Can you give me contact of peo po le have Austin for have informations and photo



You can look my respiration projet on facebook (Austin eight militaire restauration).




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