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When is the best time to change your military vehicles


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Hi just a question as any one got to a time in their life that they have had to give up something that they like doing I.E. showing their military vehicles be cos they are two big ore repairing them ?

In my case I have now reach that point last weekend at the Cleethorpes army day I fell of my armoured car suffering cuts and bruiser’s and this weekend at the Yorkshirewartime experience I was unsteady again so I will now put it up for sale and look for something I do not have to use a ladder to get into it . :-)

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It's a sad time but I guess it comes along to all of us eventually.......

I'm currently 'evaluating' the sense of keeping some of my bikes seeing as I've hurt myself so badly on them over the years that it would seem sensible to clear them out ..but ......I may know it's the right thing to do? but I still don't want to do it :)

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