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  1. Adrian you don't have to answer this at all or completely but .....Have you kept an accurate account of what such a superb restoration has cost you ? Even if it only amounts to just 'what you paid for her , plus all the bits you've bought'.... I totally understand that calculating your time and what you should / could have earnt instead of messing about with her is probably very nigh on an impossible thing to calculate ( or admit here on the forum where yer missus might see it ! ) Just curious really and I don't of course expect you to reveal at all what it has actually cost ....that would be impudent to ask at the very least : )
  2. great stuff .....some might say " well it's only a little trailer " but I applaud this as much as any restoration of something like a jeep or a tank ...well done ....When I was in my teens I worked in a huge old engineering company and they had literally dozens of similar trailers scattered around the massive yard for shifting big and small bits of stuff about behind little industrial tractors we called 'dumpers' ... All of them had come from ex ministry sales after the war including one of the 'dumpers' which I realised many years later was a typical David BRown ex RAF tractor with the huge thick cast iron rear mudguards . Good for you for saving something that so many would have walked past in complete disinterest
  3. call me a heathen but .....a non 4x4 Landrover seems akin to alcohol free booze , non nicotine fags , decaffeinated coffee etc :) :)
  4. Has anyone out there got a good name / contact / company etc for rebuilding /renovating steering boxs?... I'm doing some work on my old Hudson and the box is currently in pieces on the bench...Lots of wear just about every where although the worm and nut doesn't seem so bad, both the top and bottom column bearings will need replacing. The biggest problem is the inner race on the top end of the worm is badly worn so will require grinding / machining to a new size and bearings found to suite............(the inner races for the top and bottom bearings are integral to the worm )........ Any tips ? Hints suggestions welcome ......... I've spoken to a company in Birmingham called ICS who were very helpful and seemed quite confident of being able to sort it but before I head off up the M5 I just wondered..are there any others out there you've maybe used before ? Thanks in advance Bob
  5. One I've used for years on Landrovers is.......a good quality heavy duty chain for locking up a motorbike......and an equally good quality padlock..............when you park the truck up , turn the wheels in full lock one way or the other preferably against a wall...........wind the chain through and around a spoke of the steering wheel and down around the clutch pedal as tight as you can get it to be ..stick the padlock through the links of the chain joing it together and bobs yer uncle.......... without removing it , a thief can't turn the steering wheel to roll it off your drive and they can't dip the clutch to drive it either......also you can concrete in a suitably hefty mooring type steel ring to your drive and wind another similar chain around an axle and through the ring... I always relied on the 'visual' aspect of security as much as anything else....I work on the theory that any would be thief would look at one of my vehicles and think to himself " oh bugger that , it;s gonna take at least half an hour to get all those chains and locks off.....I'll go and look somewhere else....." ........ and hopefully if they did start trying to snaggle the chains off?.... my dog gang is going to be making some kinda noise barking and a hollering and a snapping and a snarling ..........and I'm gonna be on the way down the stairs with my pick handle at the ready
  6. Interesting thread ...... I admit to very rarely buying any magazines these days but I can very much appreciate the difficulties there are these days with keeping a magazine 'successful' whilst juggling cover price / subscriptions / sales / advert revenue / content etc especially when the internet has really impacted ' real paper' sales as it has ... I think some of the comments have been a little harsh as we need to appreciate this aspect of what goes into making a 'good' magazine...... and don't forget ......a magazine can't rely on the 'dedicated' always buying ....they need to attract new customers and even if they are only the 'glanced at it on the shelf in the newsagents and bought it once cos the cover caught my eye' kind of sales.......... Also there are new people coming to any hobby every week ...the kid that is into his hotted up Japanese hatchbacks at 18?.......... may well be into something totally different by the time he is 22 ......so I guess this is why the 'buying your first **** type articles are always popular .....even if the rest of us grumpy old men think " oh fer christsakes! not another article about how to buy a Jeep / Landrover / Tiger tank (though I'd just slip that one in ) etc !!!! everyone knows all of this already !" .....the truth is of course..... there are many people out there buying magazines every week, simply because they do NOT know all of 'that kind of stuff' already ........ The same can be said of course about 'clubs' and the kind of talk that goes around in them . Many years ago I was in the AWDC and a few years back had occasion to bump into some of my old mates that are still 'in' for a drink ...after a while I couldn't believe that the chat among them all , was exactly the same as it had been . getting on for 30 years before ..........Things had moved on but .....not by very much at all...... The same issues and arguments and opinions were STILL being debated and the magazine scene for 'enthusiasts' of any vehicles / hobbies etc is probably somewhat the same ........so I guess we shouldn't be that surprised to see / read 'the same old things' being 'gone over' periodically ......... Anyways ......! I wish John all the best . I haven;t bought CMV for a good few years but may well pick it up next year once he takes over ....... as long as it doesn't have an article on the front on 'Buying your first Landrover !' :) :)
  7. I admit to being one of those that wouldn't bother nowadays to ring unless there was an idea of the price required...... I know honesty is the best policy etc and all that kind of stuff but...when I've rung up for something and find that the price being asked is ridiculous...... I find it hard to be totally honest and say " mate ...you gotta be having a laugh! get out of it !!!!" which is probably what needs saying..... but that still seems to me to be a bit rude (call me too 'old fashioned' or 'daft' or whatever you want) ..... My feelings are I guess , if someone is naive/stupid enough to think their item is worth maybe 5 or 10 times what the going rate is ?... then who am I to go and spoil their fantasy ? Plus...lets be honest .....if someone is asking lets say £10,000 for something you know is really only worth £5000 ?...then such a clown as would be asking double it's true value ?...is hardly likely to be prepared to 'haggle' as far as the 'sensible land' the rest of us live in ..... To be fair I've often tried to buy things off such folk in the past and have given up as the situation is obviously hopeless.........and in many of those such cases the item / vehicle etc that I've been trying to buy ?.. has stayed with the buyer for many years afterwards and continued to rot away ....( often to only end up being scrapped for a pittance of what he was originally asking despite repeated attempts to buy it......but that's another story all together ) To sum up ... I far prefer the 'old fashioned' way of , stating the price and then adding 'o.n.o.' to the end of it ....at least then a prospective purchaser knows what the vendor is 'roughly expecting' .... and you also both also know there is some haggling to be done
  8. I don't know what the going rate for a derelict Landrover is in Canada but..... whether you buy it or not depends on .... A: How much have you gotta pay for it and B: are you ready willing and able to do all the work and also C:.... which is ...... Do you have any foolish crazy notions of getting your money back and making a profit ?... (Which if you are hopeful of ?.... brings me to suggest you should be seeking medical help instead of buying any more Landrovers )
  9. Hey up folks :) ... There's a grand sale coming up on Saturday December the 3rd at the Ledbury Salerooms of HJ Pugh Auctioneers............ http://www.hjpugh.com/new.html'>http://www.hjpugh.com/new.html Follow the link and click for the catalogue of this sale .......work your way through 'til the good stuff starts about 3 or 4 pages in .......... Lots and lots of very varied itms of WW2 memoribilia including signs for 'Unexploded bomb' / 'Air Raid Shelter' etc etc... .lots of tin helmets of British and German variants , some deactivated Hand Grenades and inert Training Hand Grenades , lots of regimental badges , various items of uniform , a few deactivated Lee Enfield Rifles and also some wooden training rifles too and a few different sights of artillery guns...and !! what looks to me like a complete genuine WW2 Mine Detector in a wooden case too ! Gotta be something there somebody on here can make use of ? I've been to a few sales there and it's a brisk affair, they get through the lots fairly quickly and they seem a friendly enough bunch ......be thou wary of the buyers premium though!! Parking is a bit limited in their yard so you need to be there early-ish to get an easy enough space so you can load up at the end of the day with all your goodies! Also....... There are a lot of cast iron and enamel signs in the sale of various sorts ......perfect if you are setting up a 'period' type of display or filling a museum ?? ............most appear to be genuine although do look carefully because this saleroom often has a lot of 'reproduction' stuff mixed in among the items:) http://www.hjpugh.com/new.html
  10. Sir !! I have to say I very much like your attitude and approach to things and do think we'd get on well
  11. great to hear ! ...I can't fault a fella who keeps buying tanks
  12. truly staggering prices......did someone really honestly pay 142,000 Euros for a Cushman Scooter ???? well over a hundred £ ?!?!?!?! ..... I am off to the shed to build some genuine WW2 ones .....
  13. Thats a grand little machine for sure .. .....a crawler vehicle thats within most folks reach to yearn for I'd say small enough to fit in a garden shed and not too massive and heavy that you couldn't do any work on it without a gantry , a forklift or a hernia ....and also rinkydink enough to go on a normal sort of trailer to take to shows etc......and........it's got tracks so it's win win ! A mate of mine had something similar many years ago but very sadly never got around to restoring it and it went for scrap ....sacrilige I know and I should add , I never knew he was clearing his yard otherwise I'd have bought it .... ...his was called a 'Calf Dozer' ...now whether that was it's proper name or a name that folk just gave to mini bull dozers back then ? I don't know ?.....not sure what make it was either?.... but you sat on the front , right above the blade....a bit hairy in todays H&S obsessed world as it would have seemed very easy to fall off it 'frontwards' and end up under the blade it would have appeared very similar to this ....
  14. although I totally understand the history of this particular vessel and applaud the fella trying to save her.. ....there is one very similar to this one ...( at least to my eyes) for sale in gloucester docks .....in very good condition and very useable and it's been for sale for about 2 years so far with no takers.....
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