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  1. Hi, I’m looking for 1100-20 tyres for my reo m51. Would you be able to give me a call on 07817958526, thanks will
  2. Hi unfortunately I can’t help you with them but obviously your welcome to the whole thing. Many thanks will
  3. Alvis shielder for sale, road registered with v5! It’s only done around 350 hours and has been a brilliant toy to play with but now I want something new. It’s just had a brand new set of clutch linings (£1000 all together) and has a Cummins 6bta in it that runs sweet as a nut. Only thing that it needs is a right hand final drive. Please let me no of any interest by phoning 07817958526 looking for Offers around 14,995
  4. I don’t but there is a number on the belt so I will give that a go. Cheers
  5. Yes I do but I didn’t think they would be able to match something like that?
  6. I was at an army weekend last weekend with my alvis sheilder, the fan belt managed to brake. Does anyone no the best place to get something like this? Thanks in advance
  7. Dont no how they get away with it really. Especially on the safety side of the simulated firing. First time using it today and gas wouldnt stop poring out the end (resulting in a rather big fire ball) the valves must be made by a monkey
  8. Has anybody else purchased a simulated firing 50 cal browning from military muckabouts? Interested to hear another persons experiance.. looking at sending mine back as ive had so many issues with both military muckabouts and the gun itself. Thanks 🙃
  9. Hi ive managed to get the date in service and service history from the mod. Would you no the best way to verify it with the mvt? And do i then just quote that in the v55 registration sheet? Thanks for your help its been very helpful!
  10. Thanks for the help. Who would i contact to send my freedom of infomation request to? Also how would it help on the side of road registering it? Cheers
  11. Thanks for the reply. Any idea how i get the blue cast cert? I have no paperwork what so ever with it.
  12. The stowage boxes are no wider than the rear flat bed tho?
  13. Thanks for the reply, I got the shielder from witham with no paperwork what so ever. But as you said i dont think all the bits would need to be filled in.
  14. Ive just recently purchased an alvis shielder and i want to get it on the road. Any one ever filled in a v55/5 form to register it? Since its only 9 ton and has a flat bed it can easily be classified to use for recovery etc. So my question really is whats the best way to fill in the form as there are so many different things (eg tax class, wheelpan, what class it under, dealer code, stationary sound level, engine speed sound level, co2 etc) any help would be appreciated. Just want to no the best way to fill it in for the best chance of it getting the first form through. Cheers!
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