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  1. Hi everybody, I restored a Triumph 3HW: very nice and pretty powerful model! I found all the original technical documentation (workshop manual, spare parts list, etc.) but I miss original pictures in WWII. I've found some photos on the net (I think the most common) but I would like to find others: is there anybody that can help me? Thank You all! Fabrizio
  2. I am interested in starting a Welbike registry, please include the frame number, present country Welbike resides, either restored or original and if known, where it served during the war and any brief history you might know. Please include if it is a Mark I , Mark II etc..but do not include any personal information that may lead to any theft etc. This is simply an effort to try and Identify how many Welbikes still exist out of the 3954 that were made. Thanks for your time ! Yes I do own one, #3088, currently undergoing restoration, i understand the trepidation on anyones part.1
  3. are there any of the Muir Hill loader / back acter / winch machines preserved in private hands and anyone got pics of them to post? R
  4. Can anyone identify & date these boxs ? I won one on ebay a couple of days ago for £8.10 & when I got there he let me have another 3 for £30 in total. I was thinking 50s or 60s ? but one is lined with a 1923 newspaper, could they be post WW1 ?
  5. Always fancied a WW2 motorcycle and acquired a triumph 3sw on E bay ...Photos hopefully enclosed interested to know if anyone has spares for a 3sw ..In particular the rear rack which appears smaller than that used on the 3HW Any tips or advice appreciated Regards Chris Jenkins Willys MB Bantam t3 trailer Triumph 3sw
  6. I have the brakes sticking on with the Austin. i have stripped one rear wheel and find the axle oil seal just starting to leak. And the wheel cylinder actuator stuck up. I haver removed the cylinder and freed off all the parts, they look in good enough condition to tun again. So can anyone please help me where to get spare cylinder rubbers and the Axle oil seal please? I want to put it right while I have it apart. Kind Regards Colin
  7. Hi All, First post about my new project... only thing I am not 100% sure about is what colour it is supposed to be; I would like to bring it back to original. I understand it went from Khaki Green... to Service Brown... to Olive Drab. Just not sure when those changes happened and how to find out what this one was. Bike numbers are: Engine: TL 50936 Frame: 3Hw 60936 Under Seat: TEC 743 Any help pointing me in the right direction would be awesome! Thanks,
  8. Just picked up this BUTLERS B-WD-H1 headlight. Its quite obviously Military rather than civilian due to the WD & I guess it might be a blackout light of some sort but never seen one before & I guess its late war due to the small size but what vehicle was it fitted to & does anyone have a photo of one in service ?
  9. Hej! Cane someone provide proper infos or a manual about the 58 Pattern Sleeping System? i know the Sleeping Bag - Down Filled with attached Hood and waterproof bottom available in 3 ? different sizes Sleeping Bag - Arctic, pretty the same but w/o waterproof bottom and more downs in it Cover Arctic - Oliv/Green Nylon, Waterproof not breatheable Liner - Green synthetic stuff clips into the sleeping bags Poncho - Nylon Oliv/Green, with Hood and the extra Pushbutton line, to clip it on the footend of the sleeping bags Fieldbed - This lightwheight canvas thing with the 4 spreaders. but this may not really belong to the sleeping system What have u slept on? Was there an Iso Matress or have u slept direct on the ground? What extra parts exist? stuff bags, air beds???? Tell me please! bastian
  10. Hi folks, wonder if anyone can ID this please for a friend. Has a center connecting wire like the A41 whip, the bottom section is plain like the PRC 320 whip and same length. Its British made with a Nato Stock Number 5985-99-106-0480 dated 1991, many thanks, Ian.
  11. Can anyone tell me what a Zenith 30 VIG - 5 fits? (Its for sale in classifieds)
  12. Can any one fill in the details between the RAF Bomb disposal and the Royal Engineers Bomb disposal ? did the RAF only work on bombs dropped on thier Airfields ? Ideally I want to restore my 1942 Humber FWD as a Bomb Disposal vehicle, linked to RAF. any suggestions of markings, colours etc Cheers Jules
  13. I'm doing some research for someone and have come across an entry in a soldiers pay book in the Medical Classification section of 'AFW' my question is what does AFW stand for? Many thanks Pete
  14. Hi All, I've stumbled on this fine website in my search, nay, quest for any snippets of military history relating to my father in law's retirement project - a 1973 S3 Lightweight. So far I've contacted/worked out the following :- Build date - 18th May 1973 Chassis No. 951-01236-A I've contacted RLC Archive who say they've yet to come across the cards for our Lightweight, but they did find info on 951-01235-A - the chassis number immediately before, and that entered service in July 1973 and eventually ended up with the RAF. The very helpful chap at RLC seemed to think that it was highly likely that ours ended up possibly doing similar and ending up with the RAF. I have also done the usual FoI requests for any Merlin info, but I didn't have any luck as it was pre-Merlin. Currently waiting on an FoI from the RAF and RAF Museum and also the heritage certificate from Gaydon. Any help or even little pointers would be gratefully received as I would dearly love to be able to glean some info about where the FiL's lightweight has been over its lifetime. Many Thanks Paul
  15. does any one have any photos of motorbikes in RAF service, i'm interested in the serial numbers and how they are denoted as RAF. Thanks Jules
  16. Is this a Philips MK5 Infantry bike ? or just a civilian bike painted green ? what would be the distinguishing feature's if any ?
  17. I wonder, can anyone shed any light on this mobile searchlight truck. I assume it's in the Civil Defence with its civilian number plate? I'm not even sure what type of truck it is! The still is taken from an old home movie. http://www.macearchive.org/Archive/Title/collins-mansfield-at-war/MediaEntry/49861.html
  18. What markings would a WW2 Austin K2 Ambulance carry ? Other than the usual RAF letters,registration and a roundel front and rear,what unit markings would a K2 carry when operated in this this country by an RAF medical unit or hospital. I am presuming an airfield ambulance would carry the command and squadron marking eg.B/43 but was there a marking specific to a medical unit along the lines of the M for maintenance ?
  19. Just caught the last 20 minutes of this film - great stuff as always. Two ambulances were used - a 4 x 2 and a 4 x 4. The front driven axle and propshaft from the transfer box (which featured heavily) seem to appear and disappear almost constantly during the journey! Was there ever such a beast as the 4 x 4 K2, or was it just a special for the film?
  20. New to the forum, recently bought a Matchless G3L (1947) with the view to get a feel and some knowledge of the G3L before looking again for a WD G3L, not long after unloading the 47 bike I got wind or a possible offer of a WD bike.... then as luck would have it while searching for parts etc on ebay, come across a classified for a WD G3L 1943, the deal was done in seconds and picked it up on Sunday. (just like buses once one comes along the rest follow) Still going over bike for what I need etc, I've a certificate to date it from the Matchless owners club, which I need to return as it has two digits the wrong way round, so the difference is around 4000 bikes, still puts in the 1943 year just unsure of the month. On the tool box cover the metal plate gives me a Chassis Contract No and Catalogue No, just wonder where to look to with this info ? and if its original to the bike.
  21. My friend has reached the stage in her ex-RAF 1966 Land Rover S2A 88" restoration where she needs to order the tilt. The original isn't there to check, but we think it should be dark blue. What do all you experts think? I'm afraid we don't yet know what role it served with the RAF, so no clues there currently. Thanks in advance for your help.
  22. Came across this interesting bit of kit. I think it could be used for charging a series of batteries for radios etc ? It seems in good cond just one Bakelite cover missing. Does anyone know more details about it please.
  23. does anyone know if the wc42, used only by the british, poles and commonwealth forces, ever saw action in north west europe. pictures of this vehicle in service are few and far between and i have seen no reference of them being used other than north africa,sicily and italy.i have seen the set of british army reference/recognition pictures in the iwm. this shows a wc42 in mickey mouse camo,a brief shot of one in the 1942 film the way ahead and only a a few more pictures in sand colour.there is a well known picture of a wot 2 ? in a vehicle park full of mvs waiting for d day !. in the background i can just make out some panel vans . did they go to n.w. europe?
  24. Hi I hope this is the right place for this question. My father was in the navy during WW2 and was sunk in HMS Van Dyke off Norway. His recollection was that the ship was crewed by volunteers and used as a decoy when the RN evacuated Norway. I have not seen any mention of this anywhere, does anyone have any information on the sinking of the Van Dyke and what it was doing there? Many thanks
  25. Can anyone please tell me the value, the era and what vehicle this .30 Cal mount would of come off of. Thanks
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