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  1. Hi All I'm refurbishing the floor of the Scorpion and have managed to get new rollers from Xmod. However I am struggling to get the hollow pins requires as axles. I'm sure that they should be a standard engineering part but I can't find anything that isn't a spring pin. Does anyone have a source? Many thanks Richard
  2. I want to drop the voltage on my hotchkiss from 24v to 12v. As far as I can see the main stumbling block is the starter motor. I understand the number of dog teeth are different on a 24 volt starter motor, is this correct? If it is how do I get round it?. I intend to go for a 12v alternator and change the distributor. reason for looking at this is to clear the engine bay and make it easier/ cheaper to get parts. Some 24v stuff costs an arm and a leg. Better to change now than wait for big things like the regulator to fail. Anyone done it and have any advice? Doug
  3. On my research of armoured vehicles I had read up on the Fox Armoured car. At first sight it looked like an amazing vehicle with updated technology and it's amazing 90mm gun was it? But I read on and it seemed that it's big gun made it very unstable, especially on slopes, and that the 300 in British service were being looked at to be 'gotton rid of' quickly. I was just wondering if this was true? Ieuan
  4. Why did they design the 'tail flap' to open forwards on the British WW2 10cwt Mortar / Ammunition Trailers ?
  5. Hello Guys I wonder if I could pick your brains again. What size it the sump plug on the Ferret Engine Dry Sump? I bought a ferret sump plug tool, which is the correct size for the Gearbox and trans Box, but the drain plug is smaller an the Engine Dry Sump. Also, where could I get the said drain plug tool? Cheers Matt :-\
  6. Sorry for all the questions, it's my first armour. So, the flange at the front of the hull is bent all to heck as they so often seem to be and I'm wondering how folks have dealt with it? Having lifted a chunk of the weight of the vehicle while moving it and not bending it further then it seems like wedging an anvil under it and pounding is unlikely to result in anything but a tired shoulder. I could use a big rosebud on a torch, cut some slots to relive the stretching, or just cut the whole thing off and make a new one? The back side is about half off from corrosion so I'll need
  7. Any good experiences welding Al armour here? The rear sponson on my CVR(T) was quite badly damaged plus somebody patched it with some 6061 or something and the patch just rotted out in a most impressive manner. I wound up cutting it off entirely. Now I need to find some compatible material for a replacement as well as some filler. It's about 7'1"x6"x.25" but larger would be fine (up to a point of course). It's 7017 so I believe I can use any of 7017, 7018, 7020, 7039, 5059, 5083. The documents I can find give instructions for MIG so I'd have to find some wire as well.
  8. Hi guys I want to mark up my Humber box Heavy utility as an RAF vehicle based at RAF Enstone in WW2. I know that it would have B/91 on one wing & RAF on the other ? but I would like to know the correct size of the roundel, the correct size & font of the RAF12345 on the door & any other markings front, rear or side ? I believe there is a book out there showing this info ? Regards Ian
  9. Hi everybody, I restored a Triumph 3HW: very nice and pretty powerful model! I found all the original technical documentation (workshop manual, spare parts list, etc.) but I miss original pictures in WWII. I've found some photos on the net (I think the most common) but I would like to find others: is there anybody that can help me? Thank You all! Fabrizio
  10. Granted,he has a constant supply of some very very rare and desireable items which the prices would be understandably high but also a lot of his common,run of the mill items go for stupid money?? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Falklands-War-Era-Parachute-Regt-Offr-s-Combat-Jacket-Webbing-Eqpt-Ref-LLC-/141098775727?_trksid=p2047675.l2557&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEWAX%3AIT&nma=true&si=yh5o%252BTsH5BdQboIlNTaWAybDLOk%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/British-Army-Falklands-War-Era-DPM-Windproof-Arctic-Warfare-Cap-Balaclava-MKJ-/350909736036?_trksid=p2047675.l255
  11. Are there any good sources of information out there on the crawler tractors/bulldozers employed by the Royal Engineers in the 1950's/1960's? Got a copy of Terry Gander's book on the Royal Engineers hardware but this only covers from the late 70's to mid 1980's Theres been various Fowler challengers - 33 and 3M3's - up for sale recently on the various online Auction/Sales Websites. Anyone able shed some light on the subject? Fowlers get a mention on the classic plant websites/forums but not in great detail. A New Zealand article on the Vigor: https://web.archive.org/web/2008101
  12. Ventured slightly out of my comfort zone at the War and Peace Revival this year and ended up purchasing an FV434 on the last day. Prior to the show I had already worked on it and recovered it from a muddy hole, so I am fairly certain it's a sound vehicle. I have applied for the forms from the DVLA, V55/5, and have a friend who has registered his FV432 and offered some advice. Obviously I need to prove it's age to avoid a Q plate as seen on an FV436 (?) at W&P. Can anyone give me a clue where the build/shell number is? I can't see it in the similar place (left of rear door, tiny plate)
  13. Hi all, I have seen a few weasels that have been converted to rubber tracks? are these manufactured especially for the weasel, or are there tracks that fit from another vehicle? I would be interested to hear prices or links to sites or suppliers
  14. What markings would a WW2 Austin K2 Ambulance carry ? Other than the usual RAF letters,registration and a roundel front and rear,what unit markings would a K2 carry when operated in this this country by an RAF medical unit or hospital. I am presuming an airfield ambulance would carry the command and squadron marking eg.B/43 but was there a marking specific to a medical unit along the lines of the M for maintenance ?
  15. Does anyone know anything about the UK/PRC-346? There's a couple on eBay and they look quite interesting, if pricey! Andy
  16. Does anyone have or know of the existance of a definitive listing of what models of Austin 7 were used by the Military - I know they used the APD Model military tourers but did they ever use the AK Model Chummy tourers ? Is there a listing anywhere that has details of what chassis numbers were supplied to what contract numbers as I know there were several contracts placed up to the beginning of the war . Finally does anyone have any details and or pictures of the different types used as i believe tha
  17. Clearing out my father's home, I came across a canvas bag marked SYKO CIPHER DEVICE, unfortunately no device inside. He was an LAC in the RAF so this was quite a surprise, and I have found very little about who would have been issued with these. Only part of his service I think could relate to this is he was in 58 RSU recovering crashed aircraft in the Western Desert (that was mid 42 to mid 43), though does this mean my father was also the 'radio operator' in the RSU column ? Unfortunately he has serious dementia so I can't ask him, and seaching the web has revealed very little about how many
  18. Hi I hope this is the right place for this question. My father was in the navy during WW2 and was sunk in HMS Van Dyke off Norway. His recollection was that the ship was crewed by volunteers and used as a decoy when the RN evacuated Norway. I have not seen any mention of this anywhere, does anyone have any information on the sinking of the Van Dyke and what it was doing there? Many thanks
  19. Just caught the last 20 minutes of this film - great stuff as always. Two ambulances were used - a 4 x 2 and a 4 x 4. The front driven axle and propshaft from the transfer box (which featured heavily) seem to appear and disappear almost constantly during the journey! Was there ever such a beast as the 4 x 4 K2, or was it just a special for the film?
  20. Hi, i'm having trouble with my starter motor on the k60 engine in a 432, and finding very frustrating of its position in the hull. My question is, has anybody come up with an easy solution to get at the starter, i'm prepared to make a smallish inspection hole in the bulkhead if it helps, but don't want to damage the exterior hull? Many thanks Steve:confused:
  21. Hi all...I'm looking for any information I can get hold of regarding these Hydrovac Brake Servos that were made by Clayton Dewandre of Lincoln. I have one that will not work removed from an Alvis Salamander. It would develop a good vacuum, it had been bled through and I could hear and feel the piston moving within the power cylinder, despite this there was none of the normal 'feel' of any servo assistance at the brake pedal. Upon removal and stripping it down there was no obvious signs of any wear and tear; there seemed to be a rather excessive amount of oil in the power cylinder, but this
  22. Over the last 30 years I have seen a fair number of WW2 MV's painted in RAF blue and I have often wondered how accurate they are in that colour. When you study war time photos of the RAF in the UK you will see that from very early in the war RAF vehicles from staff cars to fuel bowsers were painted in disruptive camo that I believe was green & brown and that as the war progressed colours changed to match the Army with black disruptive paint over brown (?) and later mickey mouse type camouflage. I have not found a photo of RAF blue & yellow cab roof either in WW2 though I did
  23. Hi all, We just (this weekend) bought a Hillman Minx Saloon 1941 to restore and brought it from UK to Belgium. We would like it to be in original RAF-colors again ! While stripping the black paint (it was rebuild in 1948 into a cab) we found lettering on back doors. Still have to strip another part, but now I’m trying to do some research about RAF vehicle markings. Hard to find !!! The markings on the front right wing, was already made visible by the previous owners ... I have paint chips of the original RAF blue grey that was underneath the other paint layers, so the colo
  24. I'm trying to figure out what red oxide primer to use on the Scammell. Years ago a friend of mine painted an old rusty trailer with red oxide and never top-coated it with anything, its still not rusting. I bought some 'red oxide' primer in a spray tin which turned out to be rubbish and have no rust inhibiting properties at all :argh: And the zinc 182 primer I have doesn't seem much better. My question is what primers have you guys used successfully and what should I look out for? I only wish to paint this thing the once! Thanks in advance!
  25. Hi Chaps I'm finally getting around to giving my 42 GPW a brithday, and want to repaint her as a Unitied States Army Air Force Jeep, but I have several questions. Fristly I want her to represent a vehicle used by the 384th Bomb Group based at Grafton Underwood, so what marking should i have on the bumpers ? also would the hood number have had 'U.S.A.A.F' above or the standard 'U.S.A.' ? would she have had the star on the hood ? Lastly, can anyone post any photos of jeeps in simular markings or indead any USAAF jeeps ? Thanks for your help Jules
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